Is Kristin Cavallari Joining the Cast of “The Hills”?

Kristin Likes the BubblyRemember Kristin Cavallari?  It’s been awhile since she did much of anything worth reporting, but apparently the producers of The Hills would like her to join Lauren & Co. on the show.  Lauren is reportedly less than enthused about the prospect of being reunited with her former reality TV nemesis.  And lets not forget that Kristin dated Brody Jenner for a year or so after Laguna Beach ended…

Not surprisingly, according to the same insiders, Lauren is less than thrilled with the idea of Kristin coming onto her show, possibly due to their previous love triangle with Stephen Colletti. But as we’ve seen from Heidi and Lauren this season, that sort of tension can also make for very good TV. (Sad, but true.)

As for whether Kristin would agree to hit The Hills, we shouldn’t forget that when Laguna Beach ended, she said she was leaving reality TV behind in order to focus on her acting career. But with The Hills‘ newfound über-audience and über-presence in the media, I’m thinking this show may be well worth her time.

What do you think?  Should Kristin head back to her MTV roots?  It would add some spice to the show, that’s for sure.

Source: E! Online 

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    • juicy

      Kristin needs to get her own show and not ride on lauren’s coattail. I think its pretty lame to go on your enemies hit show because your career is down the drain she’s such a LOSER!

    • Steven

      If Kristin joins the show, all hell is going to break loose. She’s going to be evil and rip all of Laurens clothing and steal whatever guy she has her eye on. No, No, No, this will add to the unnecessary drama these dumb blondes already cause. This show needs to be taken off the air because these dumb spoiled airheads are giving all blondes out there a bad name. This show is wrong.

    • krissy

      Uh, why would Kristin rip all of Lauren’s clothes and steal her guys? LC was the one who repeatedly tried to steal Stephen from Kristin all throughout Laguna Beach season 1 and 2. And LC is the who is trying to date Kristin’s ex-bf Brody. And she’s all trying to be buddy-buddy with Kristie’s friend of several years, Frankie. As for clothes, Kristin has her own kickass sense of style…she doesn’t need Lauren’s. Besides, Lauren’s style is made for someone with a thicker body. Lauren’s clothing style would not suit Kristin’s slender frame.

    • krissy

      ps. I would LUV to see Kristin join the Hills! That would be dra-ma!

    • Jenny

      I agree with Krissy! I definitely want Kristin to join The Hills!!

    • Justine

      I dont think Kristin should join the show i think stephen should..he’s such a cutie :)

    • Aaron

      It’s painful to admit I even watch The Hills…but I will also admit Kristin is my secret crush. lol. It would be cool to see her on the show. :)

    • Claudia

      i think kristin shouldn’t join the cast of the hills because this is lauren’s show not her’s she should go get her on show and she will probably going to take Brody away from lauren, and kritin would really fit in with the hills cast. DON”T PUT KRISTIN ON THE HILLS!!!!

    • Claudia

      sorry i meant she would NOT fit in with the hills cast

    • Sarah

      I think this would be the stupidest thing MTV or w.e would have ever done. It would totally make the show stupid. Kristin’s show failed obviously LC is better.

    • alexandra


    • amie


    • Macy

      I don’t think kristen should join the show because she will ruin everything for lauren, but it would make the show have a LOT more drama! and that would be verrrrrrry interesting

    • Amanda

      Kristin’s a dumb slut. Always has been and most likely always will. I DO think she’s a smart choice for hills producers to keep the show going, since with LC leaving they are going to lose a lot of viewers and bringing kristin in will reign them back in. However, I hated that hooker on Laguna Beach and I’m pretty sure I’ll hate that annoying wench still on the hills. She’s lucky she has this opportunity hittin her in the face since her “acting career” slapped her right back in the face by going absolutely nowhere. Poor thing.

    • cilllaaa

      I personally love lauren. I think she’s amazing! But I also understand that Lauren wants to move on in her life. She wants to move forward in her career and grow from The Hills. She needs a new start and I see why she’s leaving. As for kristin she’s a whore that’s gonna make the show more interesting and of course MTV would go for that. Its all buisness. The truth is NO ONE can replace Lauren<3