General Hospital : Georgie’s Death Pictures and Thoughts


I really have nothing else to say except TPTB has messed up HUGE this year. They killed 3 major characters in one year without even batting an eyelash. I’m so disgusted with GH this past few months I can’t stand watching it anymore. Too much killing, too much Jason pointing guns at everyone, too much Sonny ordering Jason to kill someone. I can stand Carly’s daily hypocrisy since that’s her from the day she came to town but all these killing in the midst of Holidays is just so uncalled for. They don’t know what to do with core characters because of the new ones being introduced under the Mob category that they just kill people off. Ayayay….







I cried when Mac got to the place and realized Georgie is dead. Then I cried some more when Lucky fetched Maxie and told her the news. This damn thing is so heartbreaking. I wouldn’t mind being there when Maxie tears Felicia down for being such a terrible mother. She may not have killed Georgie herself but damn, where were you the whole time?

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    • mare

      Storms’ scenes were so good, I rewatched it. I can’t wait to see both Robin and Felicia’s reactions. I’m with you about the Mother reminder but they definitely need to bring in Frisco as well.

      BTW, thank goodness I read spoilers or else I’d be :O after reading your post!

    • Joyce

      I think GH has messed up royally with the final death of Georgie who was one of the few likable young characters on this show. For fans like me who remember when she was born it is heart breaking to see her death on my screen, and the worse of it is her death will not be used in a way that will tell the impact of her loss and the depth of pain and grief of the Scorpio family. No Frisco at his own dauthers death, and not even the bringing back of Felicia will make this soap bearable, the best I can do is turn it off and move on. JV

    • Marshaleck

      I will never watch GH again why the heck their killed Georgie off, I am saying could it be written that she went to school aboard or kidnapped or something, it is so much of a shocker.

      Iwill never watch GH as for most of my Friends

    • cindy

      I can’t believe they killed off georgie when jason just told spinelli that she liked him. I think that would have been a lot of fun to watch what they could do together.
      I too am so upset about this that I do not want to watch this show anymore. Many of my friends have said the same thing and I have watched it sense the beginning of luke and laura.

    • Mandy

      I know I can’t believe they are killing off the young ones. They are the future of the show. I was really liking spenelli and georgie together. It sure will be hard to watch now.

    • Pauline

      I can`t believe you got rid of Georgie She was one of the nicest kind person of this show and honest.Bring her back.And letting go of Emily an other nice person why not get rid of some useless character

    • diane

      what is luck next if that happens ill say good bye to gh i was 9 yrs old and now im 43 and ive never seen you kill off so many pp in one yr

    • j

      PLEASE tell me the name of he song/artist that played as Mac reflects on Georgies life at the end of the Friday/funeral show – it was perfect, gotta have it

    • alissa

      I agree, the killing of these characters is so unnecessary, and these kinds of killing off, the characters can never be brought back. Being that Lindze’s (Georgie) contract was up, they could have sent her away to college in another State, Emily could have gone to Med.School in another State as well, regardless of Nic. Killing Alan was a bad move too. If anyone should be killed its Sonny’s crazy attorney and Jerry!

    • Kristyn

      I agree with J there, i want to know the name and artist that was on the show friday as well:) Its such a beautiful song!

    • Ashley

      The song was called When I’m Gone by Brian Vander Ark. I agree it is a beautiful song!

    • Kristyn

      Thankyou so much Ashley:) I’ve been looking all over the net to see who the artist was! I’m SO downloding this song on rhapsody!

    • MC

      it’s so, so sad. Where’s the love? Georgie and Spin would have been great. Soaps need sweet characters, too–not just shrews and backstabbers (although you gotta have them, too!). She had so much promise–if only they had written for her, Lindze could have been a star and grown into a leading lady. I’ve been watching for 25 years, and I’m so angry i’m on the verge of quitting GH for good. Wish there was a campaign or something to bring her back…in soap-land there’s always a way!! And if she came back–image the love story with her and spin then!! stupid writers!

    • j

      I have been watching GH for nearly 40 years (hate to admit that!) Sometimes I have not agreed with the choices of the writers, but that is part of the “drama” of a soap. I totally loved Georgie’s character, and it would have been very cool to watch a relationship blossom between Georgie and Spinelli (he is SO FREAKIN CUTE!!) BUT…..please keep in mind… soap time, somehow, the dead always return – and I have hope that Georgie and Emily will both be back some day……stay tuned!!!!!! God Bless Tivo & GH!!!!

    • Joyce

      I agree that sometimes characters have been killed off for storyline purposes, but in the last years GH has been making a habit of killing off their most talented actors. Alan Q. then Tony Jones, now they’ve killed Georgie and Emily one from the Quatermaine family and then one from the Scorpio family. I agree with the poster though Emily wasn’t a fave character of mine she could of went off to a remote location to help victims of of disaster. Georgie could of left to go to school in California or Europe. To kill a beloved character like Georgie makes absolutely no sense. I don’t expect her or Emily, Alan or Tony to return…the writers and the show have no clue what they have done. There has been no follow up to Geogie’s death, and no investigation on my screen by the ‘Police Force’ to find and bring her killer to justice. If that were to happen I could see the buildup, but again GH will use the death of the Scorpio Angel to promote ‘All killing isn’t done by the Mob’ so hence they can’t be that bad. I’m not buying what GH is selling. After years of watching I’m finally okay with tuning out. JMO

    • Chris

      does anyone know what the name of the song is that they played after Georgies funeral? The words are ” Will they miss me when I’m gone”

    • Chris

      sorry, should have read everyone’s blog first!!

    • Joyce

      The song was called When I’m Gone by Brian Vander Ark. I agree it is a beautiful song!

    • Lue

      We need to start a writing campaign to bring her back. Even if she has another gig now, I am sure she would want the character to live for her fans.

    • Jennifer

      Everyone…the song that was playing when Mac is having the flashback of Georgie is Lifehouse-Broken