John Travolta kicked off movie, Britney Spears in trouble (again), naked pics of Marcia Cross, and more

eyes-1.pngI am really, REALLY hoping that’s a tattoo. Anyway, HI Snarky Gossip fans! How the hell are you. Hopefully your weekend was full of happiness, unicorns, puppy dogs, and rainbows.

So there’s something up my cat’s butt. I’m thinking it’s a corncob of some type, because honestly? She is a stone cold biyatch. We took her to the vest today and it turns out she has some pretty awesome allergies, but hello? EVERYONE has allergies and it doesn’t turn them into raging wankers. She doesn’t know this yet but she’s getting a big old steroid shot today and hopefully that will calm her little fussy ass down a tad…if it doesn’t, I’m thinking of putting her in the microwave for a few minutes. JUST KIDDING. Maybe.

Anyway, on to the goss, of which there is a fair amount today. First, John Travolta has been officially kicked off the movie adaptation of “Dallas”:

Insiders tell Page Six that Travolta, who was just nominated for a Golden Globe for donning a fat suit for his drag role in “Hairspray,” was “let go about two weeks ago. He had the role of J.R. Ewing taken from him and given to Ben Stiller.”

source Ben Stiller, seriously? Are you kidding me? This movie is just getting worse by the second. I love Ben Stiller, but as JR Ewing I think he’s wildly miscast.

postitnotes.pngSpeaking of wild, Michael Jackson was spotted at a Las Vegas bookstore this weekend wearing what looks to be about a half-dozen yellow Post-It notes on his face. Maybe he just needed to remind himself of a few things? Like, remember when he used to NOT be such a freakazoid? His kids just must be completely used to this by now – he probably plays games with them like “Find Daddy’s Nose” or “Pick Up Pieces of Daddy’s Face”. Good times.

britney_63.pngHey kids! It’s time for the daily Seriously, What the F*%* Britney Spears? moment! And Lawsie mercy if we don’t have quite a few fun little tidbits for you today. First, her ex-husband Kevin Federline wants the court to punish her for faking sickness last week in order to get out of her deposition:

Running out of patience with Britney Spears, Kevin Federline’s attorney on Friday said he plans to seek consequences. Mark Vincent Kaplan, who represents Spears’ ex-husband in their child custody case, said Friday that he would ask for sanctions against the pop star for calling in sick to her court-ordered deposition.

Spears didn’t show up to testify at Kaplan’s office Wednesday as scheduled, and Kaplan said later that her lawyers told him she wasn’t feeling well. Spears was photographed later that day driving with a friend.

source Sanctions could be anything from a hefty fine to actual community service, which I would dearly love to see her doing. Oh, but that’s not all – here’s a video of her getting kicked out of the Four Seasons for smoking:

Don’t you love how the paps are sucking up to her? And why do you think the prestitigious Four Seasons denies her access? Hmmm, I wonder why…Well, let’s move on. Marcia Cross is probably really pissed off at her husband right now. Apparently she was showering outdoors and he decided to take some naked pictures. No problem, right? Well, dumbass decided to throw them into the garbage, where they were picked up by our friendly sanitation friends and put on the Internets. I’m not going to show you the naked pictures on THIS site, but you can certainly go look at them here if you want to: Marcia Cross Nude Pictures.

Oh, and guess what? Pam Anderson is filing for divorce from her husband of only 72 DAYS:

On Dec. 14, Anderson filed a claim for dissolution of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

Anderson, 40, and Salomon, 39, a longtime pal, tied the knot on Oct. 6 at the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas. It was the third marriage for both.

The Baywatch babe was previously married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Salomon, who is best known as Paris Hilton’s partner in the infamous sex tape, “One Night in Paris,” was once married to actress Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 90210 fame.


Seriously, what is the point of her getting married? Why does she even bother? She’s ridiculous. Her kids are going to be so screwed up…maybe next time (because there WILL be a next time) she’ll try DATING someone before getting hitched. It’s an idea, anyway.

Hmm, let’s see….

Until tomorrow, I leave you with this cute video of Home Simpson taking a picture of himself every day for 39 years. Enjoy!

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