Enchanted review, Daniel Baldwin is an idiot,


OMG you guys. So I went and saw Enchanted last night, and I LOVED IT!! It was soooooooo good, so romantic, really funny, and just a really, really good movie. Highly recommend this flick if you’re looking for something to go see this weekend.

Not much gossip today, which is good because I am in full-on housecleaning mode. To put it mildly, my house is like the frigging Pit of Despair at this point in time, and I would be desperately embarrassed if anyone came over right now.

First – an arrest warrant has been issued for chronic idiot Daniel Baldwin:

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Daniel Baldwin on Friday when the actor didn’t show up to court to give a progress report on his drug rehabilitation.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Millington issued the no-bail bench warrant and revoked Baldwin’s probation after he failed to appear “without sufficient excuse” and without his lawyer, according to court documents.

This guy is just pretty much a huge loser. Next: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are getting married this weekend.
So it’s probably going to be yet another long weekend of Jessica Simpson alternating between sticking pins in her Nick and Vanessa voodoo dolls, binging and purging, and crying herself to sleep. You know, normal stuff.

I feel like some VIDEOS!!!

Okay, first, let’s have a Ninja Dance Party:

FULL clip of “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted:

And a CAT. Playing the PIANO.

Yep – that’s it for a lazy Saturday. See you later, alligators!

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