When will Heroes come back? Answers from Beeman

Director/Producer Greg Beeman writes his ‘season farewell’ post on his blog…

Fans, I wish I could tell you what’s happening, but I truly do not know what the future holds. None of us in Hollywood knows when the strike will be over, or if when and how many more episodes of HEROES will happen this year.

But no matter what, we WILL be back, serving you to the best of our abilities, as soon as we can.

As for this blog – it will go dark now – until the show is back on the air. Thank you all for this opportunity. This blog is half like a term paper I have to write every week, and half an incredible opportunity to become more directly linked to you guys… Our fans who are our life’s blood. It’s become a very special experience for me to put it out there for you every week.

He sends pictures…

Season 2 finale writer Jeph Loeb and director by Allan Arkush.

Allan and Joeb



Kristen and Dania



stephen tobolofsky

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    • sajeev

      i have a question about the last episode, was that how you were going to wrap up the season or was there a different ending that you couldn’t do cause of the lack of time?

    • http://www.superheroprofiles.com Grace

      sajeev – the season was wrapped up this way because of the writer’s strike. the rest of season 2 episodes haven’t been written yet so Tim Kring decided to change the ending to episode 11 and make this the season ender. we just will never know (maybe) how the rest of the story played out had there been no strike.

    • Angie

      I just wanted to say PLEASE BRING BACK HEROES!!!!!


      Greedy unionized writers, aren’t their wages far enough through the roof already? What a bunch of socialist gangsterized bastards.

    • Michelle

      I love your show, I just hope that the strike will end soon. All the writers of this show are talented and deserve what they are fighting for…


    • Holly

      This is the one and only tv “sitcom series” I like. I miss my Heroes. I can’t stand too much tv anymore but this is one outstanding story. Too bad it has to end this way. It saddens me that we’re stuck with “reality” tv crap and the same old stories over and over. Something new! Heroes!!!

    • Bella

      I hope Heroes comes back! I love the show and know many other people who can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Raychael Macey

      Everyone is so worried about the writers not making enough money. But has anyone thought about the crew that works on the show? They are the small parts of the clock that make it tick. They depend on their pay checks to provide for their family and don’t make nearly as much as the actors or writers. They are the ones that really need to be back to work. It would be as if the CEO & executives from a large corporation went on strike. It’s the small people that work in cubiciles that would suffer. But I guess it doesn’t matter to the big wigs. After all they are the ones that can afford to sit back & protest while the small people are out of jobs. Try to explain to the little people “sorry we’re trying to prove a point here.”

    • http://www.myspace.com/wadejackson77 Thomas Jackson

      Heads Up Producers!! Just give the writers their fair share! We all know you make money off of DVD’s and Internet re-broadcasts of shows that the writers have written and that you don’t pay them royalties for. I watch these Internet shows all the time and I see the advertisements you’ve sold to accompany them. Stop being corporate assholes and start paying the writer’s their fair share, you greedy bastards!! If it weren’t for writers, you wouldn’t have squat!

    • jennifer

      LAZYUNIONBASTARDS Jan 10, 2008 at 5:07 pm

      NO, their wages aren’t through the roof – come on, you know without the writers there are no directors, producers, actors, crews etc et al… they deserve everything they’re asking for.

    • http://none Kevan

      I just would like to say that everyone can critisize the writers all they want, but aren’t they doing exactly what you would do in their situation? I mean come on, if you can make more money wouldn’t you try..I know I would. Yeah, it sucks for us lazy couch potatoes to have to find a new show to obsess about, but I comend them for trying to get more money. That’s the beauty of our country. By the way, Heroes rocks, and it will be back and better than ever in my opinion…..assuming the writers get paid. And to those who won’t pay them….give it up you cheap bastards…the show must go on! Good luck writers, I hope you get what you want and bring us back our Heroes!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.creativeoutsourcingsolutions.com Stephanie Hudson

      I have been a loyal viewer since day one. Since I am not a big tv watcher, this was huge! I miss my weekly fix of Heroes. :(

    • Lizzy

      I am an absolute “Heroes” fanatic! I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I heard the writer’s strike was over! One question though, don’t you have some episodes put up somewhere that you couldn’t air because of the strike? If so, that would be great, if not what’s the time limit we’re looking at for new episodes to come out?

    • Jesse

      it was official like yesterday or today… it is over but i do not know when Heroes is back and i really miss it

    • http://www.superheroprofiles.com ainsley

      i really hope the strike is over soon because heroes is one of my favorite shows, and alot of my friends watch it too. and we really miss it….it was an awesome show….and hope there are many seasons of heroes in the future….thank you for reading..i hope your strike goes well

    • Greg

      God i hope you guys come back. Ive never liked tv much, but this is addicting, fun, exciting. I just dont want you guys to go away. No matter what happens you guys own.

    • Dylan

      Any word on when Heroes will be back? I had heard from somewhere that season 3 has been either completely written or already shot as well, is there any truth in this?
      But yeah I’m starving from a lack of Heroes, COME BACK!!!!!

    • Lkaine

      Like many of you I can’t wait for Heroes to come back…I think it is sad that a Union can stop production…that is why I am not for unions…they once served a purpose but now are ran like corporate America…it isn’t the individual writers that are striking…it is the group in whole…I know that for some this is a dog eat dog eat world…and I think if someone doesn’t like the pay they should negotiate a raise…if not then push off…but to use tactics as they have is morally wrong…

    • Jeremy

      I do not feel satisfied with the last season ender, i feel it was left too far open. after that episode i have felt empty inside so i ask WHEN WILL NEW EPISODES COME OUT?

    • http://www.superheroprofiles.com Grace

      hi Jeremy,

      Watch for Heroes to come back in the early fall of 2008, with season 3 called “Villains”