• Tue, Dec 4 2007

Ashley Olsen at Kiki De Montparnasse Opening

Ashley Olsen attended the grand opening of the Kiki De Montparnasse store last night. KDM is a lingerie store. Selma Blair was there too!

I love the outfit! Ashley looks fantastic!

Click on the images for bigger.


Source: The Fashion Spot 

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  • katerina

    she’s so beautiful and I love her jacket!!

  • lili

    her outfit rocks.

    btw, selma blair’s awesome too.

  • Lilly ^^

    Hi! Can I take foto from your site and gallery for my olsen site?

  • Lilly ^^

    Hi! Can I take foto from your site for my olsen site?

  • Erin

    sure lilly! just credit mkashley :)

  • Kristina

    i love them alot but why did ashley get a nose job it looks horrable

  • Jen

    i love what ashley’s wearing as always. selma blair looks cute in these pictures but i don’t know about ashley..

  • lala

    balenciaga blazer

  • Lilly^^
  • KTully

    ahhh…loves it! Ashley looks great and so does Selma– is the fur attached to that hoodie underneath her balenciag blazer? I sooo want it….as usually great post! Thanks for the update!