Britney’s New Addiction

britney-addicted-surgery.jpgDid Britney kick out her drug & alcohol addiction for a new cosmetic surgery addiction? According to the latest LIFE&STYLE she did and simply would not stop… According to the tabloid, Britney had liposuction, multiple breast augmentations, botox, and visited a plastic surgeon recently who refused to improve her nose and enlarge her breasts. Following these rumors, I’ve seen somewhere where people called her the “new Michael Jackson”.

The tabloid writes:

“She’s a high-risk patient. He didn’t want to clear her for surgery because he didn’t think he could trust what she’d put on her medical history. Britney’s already consulted with at least three surgeons about new breast implants, a nose job, liposuction on her chin and Botox for her face. She sees no reason to stop.”

What do you think? Addicted or not at lease they cannot take away her kids over that, eh?

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