Marilyn Manson has spent a lot of money on a lot of really weird stuff

marilyn_manson.pngSurprise, surprise! Shock rocker Marilyn Manson apparently buys REALLY WEIRD CRAP with his buttloads of money. And this is a surprise in what way? I mean, DUH. The man thrives on this kind of junk.

Apparently his bandmates are all pissed off because he’s buying stuff like the following:

  • African masks made of human skin
  • a full skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl that Manson is said to have turned into a chandelier
  • another skeleton of a man in a wheelchair
  • swastika wall tiles
  • a mounted grizzly bear and two mounted baboons

JUST what every shock rocker needs to further feed his crazy reputation, I guess. I’ll bet you a ten-spot that he’s actually got a massive collection of Precious Moments figurines right next to his favorite Marie Osmond dolls.

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      This man is so ugly and so crazy… I really hate him

    • Rebecca

      Manson is a genius and I really respect him.

    • grossie

      And the bones of the elelphant man?