Eddie Murphy proves without a doubt that he IS, indeed, a douche

eddie_murphy.pngApparently there is some kind of contest somewhere titled Who Is The Biggest Dickhead In The World. And oddly enough, this contest only has ONE entrant: Eddie Murphy.

Eddie, 46, has told his brief he has no interest in ever even meeting his daughter to the Spice Girl. Eddie initially denied he was the father of Angel after he ditched Mel B, 32, live on TV.

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But after the little girl was born a DNA test proved that he was the father, but he has never once tried to see his daughter.

On Wednesday the judge overseeing the case was forced to adjourn the case for another three months after Eddie – who has been nicknamed the Beverly Hills C*** – refused to submit an offer.

A source said: “Mel was furious.

“She had been planning to take Angel to the courthouse to meet her dad for the first time.

“But when she heard Eddie would only be sending along his lawyers she decided to do the same.

“She expected at least some kind of an offer.

“Either to arrange maintenance payments for Angel, or at least to arrange seeing her.

“She is his own flesh and blood after all.

“But Eddie is being totally selfish about the whole thing.

“To him it seems Angel is an inconvenience.

“It is so unfair on the little girl. If Eddie wasn’t prepared to take on the consequences of his actions he should have kept his trousers zipped.”

He has GOT to realize how bad this makes him look – maybe he figures that he’s so rich that who cares? Wonder what his fiance thinks of all this?


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    • cari

      He’s a douche like my ex. As long as the little girl has a strong mom she will be fine. My kids turned out great, in college, stable relationships. IF the douche is IN the kids life he would just mess with her head and screw her up. BETTER he stay out of it. The evidence is in.

    • SoulHunter
    • agita

      Never doubted it for one minute that he is a bona fide douche