General Hospital [11.15.07] : Emily’s Death Aftermath, Part 2


Oh My God. That scene of Jason carrying his sister's dead body was horrible. Jason looks lost. And I can almost read his mind. Somehow his violent lifestyle is one of the big reasons why he is carrying Emily's dead body. Sonny comes in and started crying too. Not Emily. Couldn't be.




I was pissed off at Sonny though when he told Jason that Emily was never supposed to be in the middle of this Mob-war. In their violent lifestyle. Like hellloooo, Sonny, no one is ever supposed to be crossed with how you and Jason live your lives. But as it is, it’s because of you two that people in Port Charles keep dying. Sonny stayed close to Emily’s side and said his goodbye pretty much. She was going to be a Doctor. She was going to save lives. Yeah well, apparently, TPTB decided to kill every history that belongs to Port Charles to make room for your crimes, women and spawns, Sonny. Pffft.





As much as I don’t like Liz, I must admit I cried with her when she finally broke down. It was terrible. Listening to her cry was ahhhhhhhhhhh. She lost Em. The one bestfriend she ever had. The way she lovingly caressed Emily’s hair, making sure she’s as beautiful as ever was so touching. And I think in the back of her mind, and Jason’s mind it would really be hard for them to be together now. But tehna gain, Emily might push them two together anyway. Her bestfriend and brother, with her nephew.



While Nikolas was under the influence of the tranquilizer, he had visions of him and Emily dancing, then himself tied up in the chair while Emily dances with someone who looks like him. Then all of a sudden the look-alike Nikolas chokes Emily with a rope. The tied-up Nikolas started screaming. Ah whatever. Was it just me who felt that the kiss they shared, where Nik practically sucked Emily’s mouth was a goodbye kiss from Tyler to Natalia? I mean they used to go out together, remember? But then Tyler went off and got engaged with someone else, Hah.

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    • http://Beadaddictions Alexandra

      She waas pivital character. And will be missed. I loved her acting. Poor Nik, he will ne lost. Sounds and looks like when my mom died. My dad couldn’t take it. ANd died a of a broken heart.

    • Judy

      I do not understand why the twist of fate to kill off Emily. I am confused and disgusted with this move by the general hospital staff…………..

    • Anna

      I can’t believe ABC general hospital killed off emily. Couldn’t you have killed off someone else besides emily? She ties everyone together and her character is fabulous. Revive her please!!

    • susan reid

      I cannot believe they killed off Emily, she is such a wonderful actress and role model. Please bring her back. Thank-you.

    • donna

      bring emily back. kill of lucky’s wife. she irritates us all. No more GH for me until Emily is back.

    • Annonymous

      ok emily the character was great but after she died i looked online and it said that Natalia (girl who plays Emily) didn’t resign the contract for GH…..but i wished she did….u can kill Sam!! lol.

    • Jessica

      Yes, Liz is annoying, irritating. Especially her being with Jason.

    • Anonymous

      Emily was one of my favorite characters and I am sickened that her character was killed. So what is Natalia didn’t resign. She wasn’t the first Emily so why should she be the last? I wish GH would find a way to make it all a bad dream or something and bring Emily back.

    • anonymous

      Why GH kiled Emily I don’t know. She was the link between good and bad. This was such a loved character. It doesn’t make since to get rid of a character that was so powerful and so loved. And what about Nickolas? This just kills such a great love story. I’m really disappointed in GH’s writers.