Phenomenon: A Snake Bite, Drinking Acid & A Burned Leg


This week’s episode of Phenomenon was live and three mentalists were eliminated.

When the show began, we were told that Jan Bardi, Jim Callahan and Wayne Hoffman did not get enough audience votes to remain in the competition and were sent home.

Wayne Hoffman was extremely graceful in his defeat and gave this great quote:

A TV show doesn’t make a Phenomenon, a Phenomenon makes himself.

Very cool!

The first performer was Mike Super. He demonstrated “Voodoo” using a so-called voodoo doll to affect the assistant. He was very entertaining and has a fun stage presence. But the illusion wasn’t all that mystifying. It was very entertaining, though.


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eran-ep3-01.jpgNext to perform was hottie, Eran Raven. He did another Russian Roulette-type of illusion. However, this time, it went a bit differently than last time. He had the assistant put a personal item he had never seen in a large Egyptian jar and cover it. Then, a snake wrangler put a non-deadly but painful biting snake into another canpic jar and covered it. Then, two deadly poisonous snakes were put in two other jars and covered.

eran-ep3-02.jpgThey were moved so no one knew which jar was which and when he put his hand into the first one, he was bit by one of the snakes!! Luckily, it wasn’t one of the poisonous ones. *Whew!* Then, he continued and found the necklace she had hidden. Will his mistake cot him the competition? Will the fact that he chose to continue anyway be the thing that causes him to gain votes? It will be interesting to find out!


The next performer was Angela Funovits. She did an illusion using a flame to devine the name written ona piece of crumpled paper. She burned the paper, then ran the flame over her bare leg and the name appeared as a burn. Impressive, but I hope it didn’t scar. (It was obviously a very dangerous night!)

gerry-ep3-01.jpgThen, Gerry McCambridge had three people shoot paintball guns at him and then he revealed that he had exactly predicted the colors and where they would mark his overalls. I just didn’t feel all that impressed with this stunt. I think I even have an idea how it may have been done. Ho hum!

guy-bavli-ep3-01.jpgFinally, Guy Bavli had to choose from a group of beakers holding hydrochloric acid the one with pure water. They all looked alike, but if he had drunk from the wrong one, it would be disastrous, perhaps fatal. He was successful and wow-ed the audience.

My prediction is that Guy Bavli, Angela Funovits and Eran Raven will go through to the next round. I guess we’ll have to see if that happens on the next episode.

What did you think of the performances? Who do you think should go home? Who should advance? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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    • Lynne

      Eran Raven is a total babe!

    • Lynn


      I totally agree!! He should get his own show, as far as I’m concerned!!!

      Move over, Criss Angel, there’s a new hottie mentalist in town!

      ~~ Lynn ;-)

    • ken

      watch boogieman theatre with your host the great boudini a very powerful mentalist off television, but on tv in lafayette,louisiana ken meaux(as boudini)performs in the genre of the late vampira.