Tom Welling goes shopping with wife Jamie

Rare are Tom Welling photos, and this one just makes him look more handsome, more appealing!

Here he is helping his wife Jamie with the groceries. AWWWW.

UPDATED: We all know Tom Welling is one of TV’s most fit stars, and one of the most handsome for that matter. But those who saw his pictures with wife Jamie (where she wears no make-up) may think she isn’t as beautiful as her more-famous husband. I have updated this post and added pictures of the pair… see for yourself again how beautiful the couple are.

(More pictures of Tom Welling and wife Jamie after the cut)

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    • Leyleh

      She is very feminine and modest :)
      He is a good man for not choosing a wife based on how famous, rich or extravagant she is even though he could. It is very respectable of them to keep a private and modest home life, even though they could make a big deal of themselves in the spotlight.

      It is people like this that keep themselves from becoming celebrity trainwrecks. As TW said in an interview, he does his job and goes home, away from the spotlight. That is how a respectable and stable acting career is made…

      Congratulations to them!

    • Tim S

      how old is she (jamie)?

    • Arielle

      She seems like a very reserved and proper woman. The opposite of Lois Lane’s persona in Smallville.
      Most men likes woman who have a sense of humor. But I guess Tom’s type is Jamie White’s type.
      She’s hot in her own way.
      And she’s a professional model.
      Good for her.

      Does she have italian blood. She looks italian

    • megabacon

      married???? gasp! that just shatters my entire universe,man.

    • Janine Hill

      I recently heard the interview on Dovers world and it was great to hear about what they want for the future. It sounds like they are ready to settle down with a bunch of kids and have a happy life. Who wouldn’t want that with this gorgeous man. They both deserve it and sound very committed to one another. Also it sounds like Tom wants to be on the big screen soon with his own production co. As much as I will miss Smallville Tom has given us the best version of Clark Kent ever. I wish them both all the best and look forward to seeing Tom in other projects.

    • Carol

      I heard the interview on Dove’s World as well. Jamie came across like she is very committed to Tom. Tom however, came across vague and evasive especially when asked about children. I looked at the pictures of the two of them at the party she threw for him and Tom had him arm on her shoulder the same way he does his fans. Jamie blew it. You can not let your man go for 10 years and expect things to remain the same. You have to nuture and care for your relationship. Every time you see Tom he’s by himself at parties, shopping, events, airport, etc. He showed up with Erica at the 200th party. His arm is not around her shoulders either.

    • Cheri

      I spent 10 seasons watching you all grow as actors as well as “plain ol people” At this time we have 9 seasons. I know I will really miss Smallville. Kind of feels like we grew up together. Look forward tosee what’s next for all of you. Tom, I’m waiting for you to be Superman in the sequal this summer. I’m hoping you are the surprise! lol Many, many warm wishes to you all. from Cheri, an adoring fan!

    • sandra

      i think he looks good