Jerry Seinfeld rips Larry King a new one

Can you believe this? Larry King apparently thought that Seinfeld had been CANCELLED. Uh, I think it’s time for old Larry there to retire, don’t you?

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    • Jyle

      I thought that Jerry took it a little too personally. However, you would think that Larry would have been better prepared for his interview with Seinfeld. Next time Larry should have CNN writers come up with some intelligent questions or something.

    • bigfan

      Jerry is a nice man! Is he single now? I saw his profile on millionaire dating site last week! I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site!

    • mymy

      I think Prince Jerry has lost his questionable sense of humor. It’s like yelling at grandpa

    • JoeBloe

      Jerry is a pompous ass. Larry King was just establishing facts to set up the interview. I mean there are a few people out there that didn’t give two shites about Seinfeld’s show, so they could reasonably not know if he was cancelled or not. Why are you an ass Jerry, why is that?!?!?