Ellen Degeneres IggyGate: Day Two

ellen-crying1.pngJust when you thought this couldn’t get any stupider (see my previous post about this: Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Down), it just goes ahead and does.

Ellen DeGeneres and the fight for Iggy, a dog she got from a shelter in September, and then gave to her hairdresser’s family, continues on, at least on TV. After sobbing at the beginning of her show yesterday, Ellen again began the hour talking about the puppy.

The rescue shelter where Iggy came from took the dog back when they found out Ellen had given it away, claiming she had signed a document forbidding her to do so. After joking a little about how emotional she had been on Tuesday’s show, Ellen sat down and again insisted the dog be returned to her hairdresser’s family.

Meanwhile, the shelter insists the dog will not be returned to family and they will not be bullied by Ellen speaking out.

According to reports which surfaced after Ellen taped today’s show, Iggy has already been placed in another home, which has left DeGeneres “shocked.”


See I have mixed feelings about this. First, I don’t think they should’ve given the dog away to another home while this was still going on, but then again, Ellen should’ve followed the rules she signed in the contract. What do you think?

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    • Betsy

      I think the animal shelter was in the right and Ellen was in the wrong. I saw on tv where other celebrities have talked about their pets and how the animals are a part of their family. So I’m thinking if this was an adoption (as in a human addition to the family), she wouldn’t have just given the baby to another family when she didn’t want it. Many people consider their pets as their “babies”, their “kids”.

      Ellen was wrong. She should have contacted the animal shelter and been honest about not wanting to keep the dog and let the shelter investigate the hairdresser’s family for placement.

    • http://www.tshirtbooyah.com Shard

      I’m surprised that Ellen is being so lame…she used to be cool.

    • bigpaulie

      Wendy, Iggy was being loved…case closed