Another Britney Spears naked vagina picture. YAWWWWNNNN!

Wow, it’s amazing that a Britney Spears naked vagina picture is pretty much becoming run of the mill nowadays, isn’t it? Does she think that if we see her cooch enough, we’ll somehow be hypnotized by its hairless goodness into buying her new piece of crap album?

This is the censored version. To see the NSFW version, click here: Britney Spears Naked Vagina


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    • mynameal

      she is a pig and a whore and she likes everyone looking at her you know what

    • poopy

      She is a whore she just wants her kids taken away i wish thayd put her in jail!!!

    • http://snarkygossip haseeb

      she is very rude and she dosnt know how to behave in public she is mentally sick

    • moep

      love her pussy!

    • FRESHB


    • Samurai

      Please leave her alone if you dont like to see it. I like it!!!

    • Sharon

      wrong year posted but ya we get it. After a while a free show gets old.

    • Gee

      Very nice! but she is a bitch though

    • Im cool

      I love her nice soft pussy i would fuck her so hard any day dick in pussy is how i go!

    • haaa

      why is everybody making such a big deal out of brittney spears. wow she showed her pussy. whoopdey fuckin doo.

    • lovely

      pls for god sake!!!!!!don’t say any thing to britney.other wise i’ll kick ur butt

    • Big Balls

      wtf show the vajj………….. faggots

    • Samurai

      People, leave Britney in peace! You have this stuff as well. She wasn’t in public as u say, she was in her car! Infact, most ladies move around without panties!!!

    • britfan

      I used to be one Brit’s fans years ago. It’s very sad to see her going down hill faster than a rocket. It’s sad that she has become SO CHEAP in the essence, like a whore in an alley. She is an irresponsible mother on top of it. She did not deserve her children. It would be sad to see her one day, just a cold body lying on the floor with EMPTY LIFE.”
      I suppose, the world will not be complete without CHEAP people and WORTHY people. It is a balance of nature after all.

    • Samir Saab

      fantastic 5 stars

    • Bang Britney

      I’M LOVIN IT! I’d fuck that crazy bitch! :D

    • Jessica

      I wish they would just put her in jail. Faggots who even would want to see this. Yuck

    • teghakennel
    • Walts

      I personally love musicians with their personalities but the way she is going I have really hated her and her music. She is a bitch. i think bitches are even better than her

    • animala

      very good