Ugly Betty’s Favorite Website, With Bagels

I have a couple of observations that come from last night’s episode that I find quite interesting.  First off, there were two references to a website: , which is supposed to feature bunnies and puppies and ducks.  I checked, the site does not exist.  However, I did a little more research and found this at the Disney Enquirer:

UPDATE:So we were close. It appears will be an Ugly Betty-related domain. It will definitely be mentioned in Episode three of this season and possibly earlier.


So, Disney owns the domain.  They probably bought it to park it (get it? Disney?  Park?), so that nobody would grab the domain and put anti-Disney stuff there.  But more likely, it’ll end up like Marc’s favorite website,, which redirects you to the Ugly Betty website at ABC.  But hopefully, Disney will put cute puppies and bunnies and baby ducks. on the site, because we all need a little cuteness in our lives.

Secondly, there’s this: while doing recaps, I’ve noticed that there is a spot in each episode this year where a bagel or a group of bagels is featured prominently.  I’ve pretty much decided that this is a running gag, so next week, I’ll post the time of the first bagel sighting. 

Last night, I said that I didn’t think this episode was as funny, but in retrospect, I guess it’s just because there were less sight gags (Dick Cheney!  Thunder!) and more one-liners.  Sometimes, those go by so fast that we, the audience, don’t have time to say, “Hey, that was funny!”. 

I DID like this episode, it just won’t go in the Hall of Fame with The Box and The Bunny and Lose The Boss.

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    • charlie

      I think they should have made a website!!!

    • Loz

      They should have DEFINATELY made a site !
      I love Betty so much it would have been MY favorite site !
      It would be a hit ! ! =]

      XxX +LoZ+ xXx

    • ..x..sara..x.. lovin ugli betty at da moment i ave eard dat victoria beckam is gonnna b wilhaminaz bride! w8 n dey shuld DEFINETALY ave a sytee!…

    • Hayley Burdock

      OMG!!!!! i soooo luv ugly betty it is the best lyk omg i wish it never ends. im sooo happy that bettys dad survived lyk omg n boohoo 4 santos.

    • juz

      I luv ugly betty!!!! it is da best american sitcom ever besides friends!!!!! and i dont say that about alot of things lmao!!!

    • addie

      I love ugley betty

    • –x–lilly–x–

      ugly bettiie iz so cool and i loveeee bagles with low fat mayo itz da boom.
      lurv ya lots bettiiiiie

    • catloveschanel

      I was so sure it was

    • Katie

      whatt? i thought this would be I wanted a kitty screensaver haha.

    • melikaniala

      Ugly Betty has turned out to be a pretty cute show. It is becoming addictive. And i too was looking for the socute website thats mentioned.

    • Katerina

      I think Ugly Betty is a great show for everyone!
      I was looking for the so cute website, but it was a no show! Oh well, at least I have Ugly Betty every Wednesday for enertainment! I wish it was on the telly more often!!

    • hayley burdock

      hiyah omg cant wait till ugly bettys on next friday

      ive missed it so much

      and yes its the same hayley as the one above lol


    • petergates

      i am in love with uglybetty too,she is the best,omg i love her

    • mary

      ugly betty is the best tv series ive watched since roseanne and its a shame they quit only after the 4th season.