Ugly Betty Episode 2.03: Betty’s Wait Problem

Full recap for Ugly Betty episode 2.03: Bettys Wait Problem


Henry is drunk and speaking to Betty in her living room.  He calls her beautiful and scrunches her face.  He was drinking melon and apricot wine coolers (EEEWWW!)  They discuss the situation with Charlie,and the baby, and Dr. Farkas.  Betty says that they will have to wait to be together, at least until they find out if the baby is Henry’s.  Henry falls asleep.

The DNA results that Marc ordered are back in.   Daniel is with Amanda, they are discussing the possibility that they are siblings.  Or, as Amanda puts it: “Half siblings.  Which means if we did it, like, 20 times, it was only wrong 10″.  They open the envelope, and discover that Bradford is not Amanda’s father.  She jumps on Daniel in his wheelchair; they kiss, proud that they can do so.  Amanda, stops though, tells Daniel that she has unresolved issues with him, and tells him to just “squeeze a boob, because I have to go”.

Hilda makes Henry her famous hangover recipe: tomato juice, a raw egg, and bacon grease.  She asks if he’s dying to call Charlie; Henry says he’s afraid to.  He says he’s never been this mad.  He tells her a very strange allegory about female orangutans.  She offers him food, he almost throws up.

Betty tells Christina she’s going into ‘waiting’ mode with Henry, which is easy because she’s so busy planning the Black and White Ball.  Christina complains about all the costume work she’d been doing for the ball: “glitter came out in my pee yesterday”.

Gio the sandwich guy is serving the people at Mode (things like chicken and cheese baguette, no chicken, no cheese, no baguette). Betty orders her sandwich; Gio is excited: “I knew you were an eater”.   Daniel rolls up and asks Betty to procure an “iBot 4000″, a really top of the line wheelchair, for the benefit.  Betty reminds him he should be walking by now.  Daniel says he’s still in a lot of pain.  He also asks her to make sure the check for the charity is big,(but not so big his head looks small), and blue or green.

The fashion TV reporter talks about the upcoming ball,and the fact that Bradford Meade postponed his wedding.  Wilhelmina sees this and is distraught. She is worried that Bradford’s children will “get to him” and permanently drive a wedge between Bradford and her.  She gives up. Mark shakes her in a “get hold of yourself” moment.  Wilhelmina says “you’re touching me!”.  “It was a risk”, he says.  He gives her the idea to “help” Alexis remember that she hates her father.  She asks him to do something with Photoshop.

Claire and Yoga hatch a plan to go to the ball in costume.

Betty confronts Gio – her sandwich didn’t have as many sun-dried tomatoes as she used to get from the past sandwich guy.  He will not fix it for her, though.  He says it will ruin the sandwich.  Betty insists.  He still refuses.  He calls her a “spoiled Mode girl”.

Betty has a tantrum about this to Daniel.  He tells her to go to the website that always cheers her up: So Cute It’s [writer's note: Disney owns this domain.  Interesting].  She tells Daniel Gio’s name; as she leaves, Daniel picks up the phone.

Hilda is watching a telenovela, a gangster is pointing a gun at a man.  At the same time she’s on the phone with Ignacio, who has a gun pointing at his head as well.  He tells Hilda to tel the family he loves them, then Hilda hangs up.  At this point, Ramiro Vasquez (the man Ignacio ‘killed’ walks in the door). 

Betty is on the phone arranging to get the wheelchair.  Gio lets Betty know that he was just fired because of her.  He makes an announcement to the office that there is no such thing as fat-free mayo, that each tablespoon has 125 calories of fat,  and he puts two tablespoons in each sandwich.  At this point the entire office recoils in horror, and spits out their lunch.  He once again calls Betty “Mode girl”.  Marc and Amanda applaud, and tell Betty she’s now”one of us”.  A dream sequence follows, with Betty being showered by confetti, holding flowers and being congratulated by Marc and Amanda.  Back in reality, she says, “No, no I’m not like you”, in horror.

Alexis is being made over at Wilhelmina’s expense.  She tells Alexis that they were best friends.  Wilhelmina shows Alexis a photo album of the tow of them together, with some incongruous scenes of them square dancing, and marching for gay rights.  Wilhelmina says Bradford has been bedridden with greif since he postponed the wedding.  She tells he that they (Bradford and Wilhelmina) were going to get married, but that Bradford postponed it out of concern for Alexis.  Wilhelmina convinces her to endorse the wedding.

Amanda and Marc hatch a plot for Amanda to ‘come out’ as Fey’s daughter at the Black and White ball.  They look forward to all the invitations and swag they’ll get once Amanda is discovered.  Marc tells Amanda that Fey always arrived in a fabulous red dress and said the words “Black and white ball?  I guess I didn’t get the memo…”

Henry is looking at So cute It’s sick .com to calm down.  Amanda and Marc barge in demanding their paychecks early so they can buy a dress.  They butcher his name and tease him, and Henry goes off.  He tells them he’s proud of his name, that in Dutch it means “he who gives the fairest price for his bricks”.  As they are leaving, Marc and Amanda comment on how “hot” Henry is when he’s angry.  Henry calls and leaves a message for Charlie.

Justin asks Daniel to help him learn to play basketball. 

Betty stops Gio as he’s loading his van, and lets him know that she just finished talking to his boss and got him un-fired.  He says it’s just as well – he has a 5-year plan to get his own sandwich place: “Gio’s Sandwich Depot”, which will have every condiment known to man.  She asks him if in the meantime he will drive her to New Jersey to pick up Daniel’s wheelchair, since he has a van.  She offers to pay.  He says OK.

Back in Mexico, Vasquez has Ignacio tied up.  He tells him that he had barely survived the beating Ignacio gave him, but the only thing that kept him going all those years was the thought of revenge.  He then, out of nowhere, demands Ignacio make him flan.  “Sometime’s I wake up and I miss my wife. Sometimes I miss my flan”.

Daniel is trying to show Justin how to play basketball.  He is terrible.  As he flails away, the background music is “Get In the Game” from “High School Musical”.  Gotta love Disney.  Daniel finally gets frustrated, gets out of his chair, and makes a perfect drive to the basket.  Justin is amazed that Daniel can walk. Daniel explains that he’s trying to impress his physical therapist.  He says she’s very “smart”, and once he has “one really smart conversation” with her, he will have a total recovery.

Gio is singing along with the car radio, badly.  He asks Betty to sing.  After a bar or two, he turns off the radio.  They talk about what she does at Mode, he dreams, how she is a “writer”.  He asks her what she’s written lately (she hasn’t).  He mocks her for not following her dream. He starts singing again.

The wheel chair guy at first tries to give Betty the “Tulip” model instead of the iBot 4000.  He says Nick Lachey twisted his ankle and reserved the iBot.  Betty at first accepts, this, but Gio convinces her to make up a good story to get him to change his mind, since she’s “such a good writer”.  Se invents a story about Daniel being with the CIA. It worked.  As they are driving back, Gio says, “maybe you are a writer after all”. 

Marc tells Wilhelmina that Alexis “just called Bradford to her bedside” to bless the wedding.  She slaps Marc for including “square dancing” in the photo album.

Vasquez eats the flan, and tells Hector to kill Ignacio anyway.

Justin shows Hilda pictures from his cell phone of him attempting to play basketball.  She sees a photo of Daniel standing and walking, and is appalled.  She calls Betty.  Betty is appalled as well.

Gio makes fun of Betty because of all the silly, menial tasks she has to do that keep her from her writing.  She tells him that shealso can’t write because she’s going through som bad family problems.  He “quacks” at her.  He says that every time she gives an excuse, he’ll quack.  She retaliates by “woof”-ing every time he mentions his 5-year plan.  They get in a quacking and woofing contest.  This is when Betty gets the call about Daniel being able to walk.

The guests are arriving at the ball.  Marc bursts into the fashion TV broadcast and says, “Look is that Fey Sommer’s illegitimate daughter?”.  Amanda arrives in a beautiful red dress, holding Halston the dog.  She says Fey’s famous catch-phrase.  Nobody notices her. (They all see Zac Ephron – Disney again!).   Marc asks her,”Does Paris Hilton have everything handed to her? Well, yes she does, but that celebutard works hard to stay in the news.”  The decide they need to do something outrageous. 

He says, “Oh, my God!  Is that Josh Duhamel? ”  Amanda gets excited and goes looking for him.  As she does, Marc steps on her dress.  She is totally naked in front of the press.  As they finally start to notice her, she starts posing.

Inside the ball, Bradford tells Wilhelmina that Alexis is on board with the wedding.  Claire arrives with Yoga (who is dressed as a man).  Daniel loses control of his wheelchair, and has to jump out. Betty confronts him about his faking injury.  She wasted her entire day getting the wheelchair so Daniel ould play grab-ass.  She goes on a rant about how she could have been writing, and hasn’t written since she had a crush on Lance Bass.

Ignacio tries to convince Hector not to kill him.  At this point, we find out that Hector was Rosa’s little brother.  He was beaten himself as a child.  Vasquez walks in and scolds Hector for not killing Ignacio.  Cut to the outside of the house, we hear a gun shot.

Daniel introduces Kenneth Cole (who asks, “what is this for, again?”).  Claire sneaks up behind Bradford and tries to convince him to leave Wilhelmina.  Wilhelmina decides that the best thing to do is to show Claire that in no uncertain terms, she has won.  She interrupts a sick child who is making a speech to announce that the wedding is back on.  Bradford tells Claire “it’s over” and walks up to join Wilhelmina.

Daniel apologizes to Betty (and gives her a partially eaten bagel).  Betty asks Daniel if she can take a writing class during her lunch hour.

The office is buzzing about Amanda’s stunt.  (The swag? Melissa Etheridge buying me a domestic beer?)  She shows a softer side and says she is sad that she doesn’t know who her father is.

Gio has left Betty a “present” sandwich, just as she likes it.  Henry tells her he talked to Charlie, and that there will be a paternity test.  He asks her to lunch, she can’t go.

Betty and Hilda are discussing the creative writing class Betty as signed up for, and Ignacio walks in the door.  He hugs the entire family.

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