Soaps Alumni : Josh Duhamel As Leo Dupress

josh-duhamel.jpgBefore Josh Duhamel was Danny McCoy along with fellow
soap alumni Vanessa Marcil on NBC primetime show LAS VEGAS, before he was Tad in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, before he was saving world in the summer’s blockbuster TRANSFORMERS, and before he was hookin’ up with Fergie, he was making everybody(present company included) swoon on daytime as Leo Dupress on All My Children. AKA, Greenlee’s real true love. Well in my opinion anyway. Ryan Lavery who? Josh Duhamel won an Emmy for Supporting Actor in 2002. Right after that he decided to spread his wings and start firing up LAS VEGAS and helping out the Auto-Bots to save the world.

Leo Dupree’s love for Greenlee is one of the most memorable couple on Daytime. I’m still hoping that he would come back one day to save Greenlee from the meanie clique of Erica, Kendall, Ryan and Zach. Josh’s partner in crime Rebecca Budig declined to reprise her role as Greenlee so I doubt he will come back anytime soon. Not to mention he’s a Hollywood superstar now. I beleive Sabine Singh is doing a great job with the difficult task in being a recast therefore I would be able to handle a recast for Leo also. I think it’s time. Unless of course TPTB convinces Josh Duhamel to make a guest appearance as a ghost to talk to Greenlee, yah know.

Either way, Leo and Greenlee, FOREVER! Some pictures of Greenlee and Leo after the fold.


Can you see the chemistry between Josh and Rebecca? It’s amazing. Great actors, great couple. Of course they did more that kiss. Oh these two were partners in crimes, all the way. They loved each other for better or for worse. And Leo will always be Greenlee’s one true love.


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    • Kendall

      Josh AkA Leo should come back to All My Children and be with Rebecca AkA Greenlee because they are the best couple there is.Personally Josh and Rebecca would make a great couple in real life regardless what anyone has to say.I am a really big fan of both of them and even though I’m also a big fan of his wife Fergie I’m SORRY but she don’t deserve him.And even though Rebecca is married.Josh really need to be back on All My children with Rebecca because they showed true love and deep inside they both have feelings for eachother in their charater.

    • Dexie

      Yes, Leo is Greenlee’s soul mate. Their chemistry is really strong. Such wonderful actors, that’s why.

    • davonna

      IS Josh Duhamel COMING BACK TO ABC

    • davonna

      if Josh Duhamel isn’t coming back, than how about a other leo

    • MissSimone

      Of course Leo and Greenlee were soul mates. And Josh and Rebecca are like actor soul mates. They worked so well together like they haven’t with anyone since. Leo and Greenlee were one true love. I miss them.