Britney Spears ignores custody hearing, Kevin retains custody

britney-spears-5.pngApparently Britney Spears couldn’t be bothered to come to the custody hearing today. Yes, seriously. SHE IGNORED THE CUSTODY HEARING FOR HER KIDS. I hate using this word, but Crap on a Cracker! What a DUMB BITCH!

So. Anyway. Kevin Federline retains physical custody, (obviously) and Britney gets to do….whatever it is she is doing all the time. She just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her kids, obviously. Really, when did she ever?


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    • jenX

      Wow, well she sure sent a message loud and clear by her actions. I hope that Kevin Federline takes raising his sons seriously, as apparently he has so far, and keeps his kids as far away from their nut-job mother as he can. At this point, removing her completely from their lives until she gets her act together, if she ever does, is going to be FAR less damaging that having her in and out of those babies lives. Hey, Kevin, if you are looking for a good and safe place to raise those babies, Indiana would love to have you!

    • http://SnarkyGossip Tia Saunders

      I think Brittany is doing the right thing. Kevin is the kids’ father. In fact, If she doesn’t leave them with him now, while she hopefully gets in touch with herself, she’ll only have to pay his deadbeat ass child support later.

    • keikiei

      i always knew that she didnt give a damn bout her kids so hopefully kevin will treat them better than that dumb bimbo did.

    • lenai

      Don’t be so sure that Federline is “Mr. Responsible the Dad”
      He might just be smarter about keeping his partying out of the public eye.

    • http://britneyspears elaina

      Your mind controlls each part of your body…
      the way u think feel and even behave. So oviously britney is at braking point in her life and people need to back da fuck off! her mind is not all there at the moment, anybody could wake up da next day go through a braking point, ur mind can trigger off and send u of rails any moment any second of the day. Britney’s behaviour is not normal cause she is not all there at this point at time in her life… It’s like having a drug addiction your mind tells u, u need that drug go get it… so u do it. It’s like with britney her mind will tell, it’s alright to go party u deserve it, ur stressing go to a night club it will help, so she does it. she needs people around her to help guide, and not judge her on da things that happend in the past, shes neunited with her mother that is huge step and i say good on ya brit. have a lilltle faith in somebody they can turn their lifes around. it’s just her mind that is sick. for example like an illness all got to do with da mind except hers is fixable if ur surrounded in da right enviroment and right people they can help get back on ur two feet… how woulds feel if this was happening to use. help give her courage when she does somthing right so it sinks in to her ind in doing good deeds and people are egnorloging me for it i must be doing good. if keep saying shit she will end up comitting suicide

    • SageRave

      I think Britney did the SMART thing. Kfed isn’t doing anything but sitting around anyway. He can be the stay at home dad and Britney can avoid being defined by her role as mother, work on her career, and hold her head up high.

      The only thing she should have done differently is issue a statement to the press saying that she is PLEASED that her children will stay with their father, and that she feels it’s a perfect ARRANGEMENT.

      I have been terribly disturbed by the reactions of other women with the Britney saga. It’s as if women are jumping on the narrow minded, judgmental band wagon instead of congratulating the gal for letting this issue resolve itself without her groveling to fulfill a role that is just one of many a woman can play during her lifetime.

      When all is said and done, she can take pride in NOT being manipulated through her children!

    • ashley

      wow you kool

    • http://yahoo donna

      she should have stop and paid attention to what she was doing. now the kids have to grow up with the other kids laughing about their mother, i dont say because she not one. brit get a life………………..

    • http://yahoo donna

      i forgot to say mom

    • Nick

      Even though it would have been nice if she sent a lawyer to represent her intentions, Britney sent the message that she’s not ready to deal with parenthood and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks regarding that matter. If it were a big time male performer doing the same thing, this whole thing would not have even made headlines-thanks to our double-standard male-dominated society. Right now any parent in Britney’s position needs support and prayer to get her through this tough time, not a bunch of people who don’t have a clue what she’s going through judging her on her actions.