• Tue, Oct 2 2007

Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe at the 2007 National Movie Awards

Here’s Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe at the National Movie Awards:


via getty images

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  • http://www.gryffindorgazette.com Dannl

    Thanks for the great pics . The amazing quality
    of this cast is the trio of course . Many many
    decades after the Potter films have ended when
    someone says the “trio” it will be something that
    Dan, Emma , and Ruppert own as there own .
    The three not only like each other , they are true
    friends protective of each other . Each enjoying the others success . I read once Emma Watson
    saying her hope is to have one true friend that
    goes through life with her and is not there for
    her because of money or success .That has to be
    Dan Radcliffe . Each others confidant , friend and
    protector . Pretty amazing

  • princess

    Those pictures are really beautiful.Well thanks Wendy, n all of them look great.Especially daniel, rupert, n emma. They all look different and cool.

  • Jane Lily

    the pictures are so prettiful!

  • Marina

    Who is standing on the right of Bonnie? He is to the left, sort of behind Rupert. I thought at first that it was Matthew Lewis but I can’t tell,

  • http://www.emma-watson.net Katie Harrington

    hi daniel radcliffe i got questions what your favorite scene

  • replies2MARINA

    yes its Matther Lewis

    TO Dannl above
    i vomit when you said those things…especially when you said dan’s name i began to vomit red blood…ughhh…as if…

  • http://www.gryffindorgazette.com sunita

    emma is dress is so CARTOON

  • wahana

    to dannl:eew!!yuck!!!

  • http://gmail.com nikki

    hi u r sooo cool man i m ur biggggg..est fan dude

  • Ginny Potter

    i can’t c them