Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest Make Forbes List

simon cowell

As if you don’t already know this but it has been reported that Simon Cowell makes a lot of money but… so does Ryan Seacrest! These two American Idol personalities made it on to Forbes“TV’s Top Earners” list. Out of the top 20, Ryan came in 16th place with $14 million a year and Simon was 3rd overall with $45 million in earnings annually.

What do you think they do with all that money? I mean, it looks like Simon wears the same clothes every day (I know that he doesn’t but it doesn’t exactly look like he spends a lot on clothing). Do any of you know what they do with their wealth?

Anyway, to read the rest of the list, click here!


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    • Jean

      Wow. I’m not surprised that Simon was listed in Forbes since he was quite wealthy before he came to AI, but Ryan I am really, really surprised that he is listed. I don’t remember seeing it at this site but Clay Aiken also made Forbes list a long time ago.