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friday on Dr Phil

Actor Christopher Knight and model Adrianne Curry say their 24-year age difference is a huge problem in their marriage; a 38-year-old woman wants to date an 18-year-old man.


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    • GerriG

      I watched that show and could not believe that a 38 year old woman could sleep with her son’s 18 yer old friend and think its OK. What is with these teacher and house wives sleeping with kids.

    • http://www.hiphoproll.com Lauren

      A 24 year age difference is a bit much. Well, I guess as long as it’s true love and they’re both adults, I guess I can’t really say anything.

    • Kipje

      That Dr. Phil is the most biased idiot I have ever seen on television, and this show actually proved it. He told a woman who was in love with an 18-year old man that she was basically despicable and abusing the ‘child’. What a complete and utter bastard. What can he possibly say about what these people feel for each other? All that guy ever does is take the moral high ground with his perfect little family life, not caring for one second about the nuances in every case. This man generalizes and uses the so-called ‘public opinion’ to pressure people into ending a relationship. Yet, I can hardly imagine public opinion being worth anything when you’ve only got middle-aged sheep in your studio.