Marilyn Manson has a new drink – and it could seriously kill you

marilyn_manson.pngOh, that crazy Marilyn. Always up to mischief. So naughty!

Any fan of goth-rocker Marilyn Manson knows he has bit of an obession with all things macabre, so no one should be surprised he’s come out with his own brand of absinthe liquor, an adult beverage that has been long vilified as something that when taken in excess can kill you.

According Rolling Stone’s Web site, Manson recently introduced his own brand of the controversial cocktail, called Mansithe, after working with a Swiss distillery to develop a blend “distilled from fine herbs, naturally colored and not sugared.”

One those ingredients is wormwood, which contains a toxic chemical that in large quantities can cause kindey failure, seizures and even death. Once the favorite drink of artists and bohemians in late 19th century Europe for its alleged pyschoactive attributes, absinthe was banned in the early 1900s in many countries due to its controversial ingredient. But since the prohibitions were lifted in the European Union, the bitter liquor has recently seen a resurgence among the trendy on the Continent.

Bad news for Manson’s U.S. fans: Absinthe remains banned in the United States, despite a recent study that found the drink no more dangerous to your health that any other liquor.

But that research didn’t stop Manson from playing up its morbid reputation. His design for the Mansinthe label has a drawing of a deathly ill-looking man poised to sip from a glass.

And if the wormwood doesn’t kill you, this just may — a $40 bottle is a hellish 66.6 percent alcohol.

Perhaps Manson is hoping for an endorsement as the official “drink of the devil.”

He’s such a rebel! So BAD!! Oh, what a BADASS!!!

Actually, all that is wrong. He’s just a middle-aged man trying to be cool. It’s quite sad, really.


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