Rosie says NO to Oprah

oprah.pngContrary to what Rosie has said in the past, I think these two must have some bad blood. What do you think?

Rosie O’Donnell gave Oprah Winfrey the big fat brush-off when the talk queen invited Ro to be on her show — and is dissing her in favor of Diane Sawyer.

Page Six reports that Oprah asked Rosie to talk about her new memoir “Celebrity Detox,” in which she slams Baba Wawa, Lord Combover Trump and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and talks about her troubled past. But she already promised Diane Sawyer a sit-down, and told the biggest mover of books in the world, ‘no thanks.’

Says Rosie’s rep, “I’m sure Rosie will do Oprah’s show another time.”

Actually, I don’t think she will. This isn’t the first time she’s turned down The Oprah. Release the hounds! (Simpsons reference there)


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