Sally Field’s COMPLETE speech at the 2007 Emmy Awards

I love Sally Field and totally agree with her. We need more MOTHAS!!!

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    • candida

      She was way out of line, wrinkly, senile old hen. The drugs from the 70′s got to her brain for sure.

    • AnnaLynn Zinn de Vine, M.S., C.H.T.

      I stood up and shouted, “Thank God, Sally. Somebody had the guts to stand up and SAY it.
      I got so excited to talk to Sally, and haven’t the foggiest how one would go about doing that.
      I am the Founder of the Center For The Sacred Feminine, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I’m opening an “Alternative Health Care Facility that currently includes HypnoBirthing, the most startlingly effective Gentle Childbirth Program you’ve ever seen; Counseling/PsychoSpiritual Mental Health Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Classes in The Sacred Feminine and the Lost (now found) Gospels of the Feminine Aspects of God. A very wholistic Center. Perhaps Ms. Fields would be interested in knowing about the Center.

    • Kathleen

      Sally tells the truth that many do not want to hear i As Americans keep their pedals to the metal 4 million refugees have come to be 1 million Iraqi people are dead close to 4000 American soldiers thousands injured……americans do not want to think about this.

      The majority of Americans are in a bubble and could care less