Mischa blamed for end of The OC

Well, this is not a very nice statement to be making. The National Post is reporting that former OC actor & director Tate Donocan is blaiming Mischa Barton & its young stars for the show’s demise.

A former actor and director on The O.C. blames the series’ decline on the swelled heads of its young stars.

"The kids became incredibly difficult to work with," Tate Donovan said Monday afternoon at a press conference in New York for his current series, the legal drama Damages.

He said the young leads "were unhappy" and added, "I think they all wanted movie careers and did not want to be on television, all four of them. They were, like, ‘This show is killing my career." While Donovan did not identify the four by name, presumably they are Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson and Benjamin McKenzie.

Fox cancelled The O.C. in February after a roller-coaster four-season run. Barton had left after Season Three to make movies, and was in Toronto last year to shoot the romance Closing the Ring with Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer. Ring is being released Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I don’t think it’s a nice statement to be making about any co-worker, past or present, deserved or not. Every young actor has drive and ambition, and has the right to explore his or her potential as much as possible. It sounds to me like perhaps they were not getting the right support to do this, or to grow as actors. What a sad thing to happen.

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    • Kelly

      What the heck? Mischa didn’t leave The OC on her own, they killed her off of the show. She’s said numerous times that she didn’t want to leave, but she did take the end of her stint on the show in stride by keeping herself busy. I’m a fan of Tate, but that’s kind of harsh. I don’t think that’s right at all. Adam Brody even wanted a spin off of the show, so I hardly think he wanted to end the show and start on movies. The OC didn’t kill anyone’s career. If anything, it improved the careers of it’s actors. Just think, we wouldn’t really know anything about Ben, Rachel, Adam or Mischa if it wasn’t for that show.

      Maybe that article is a little off. I hope so.

    • Blubarton

      It seems to me that Tate Donovan needs a little publicity for his latest movie. He obviously realises that speculating about his only hit of the last ten years, the OC (which he was written out of quite early anyway) is bound to draw attention to him and this project. How boring.

      He’s also probably resentful Mischa, Adam, Rachel and Ben all became massive stars whereas he, Kelly Rowan and Peter Gallagher, whilst getting as much screen time, did not.

    • Blubarton

      [Correction: latest series]

    • Karen

      Ok blaming the actors is pathetic. They all did awesome work in every single episode. I think the reason we were all skeptical about those rumours about Mischa WANTING to leave the show & being unprofessional by not turning up etc is because none of that showed in any of the acting. They were all awesome.

      In my opinion the OC started to suck because of the writers. (Especially the going-nowhere Lindsay storyline. That was ridiculous and such a waste of emotion for the audience.)

    • chloe

      tate donavon’s the director?

    • Michelle_c

      I agree the show had to end because of Mischa, but not in a bad way. She left to do films which any young actress would do and so many people loved her in the OC that they didnt want to watch it if she wasnt in it!

      So if Mischa was the most popular character then good on her!

    • Zeeta

      Well the end of the show it’s not totally cause of Mischa..and is always happens to another teenage serial..time by time they become older and maybe the cast thinks that they don’t seem appropiate playing as a teenager

    • http://Hmmm Zee

      Well the end of the show it’s not totally cause of Mischa..

    • Michelle_c

      it your referring to my comment i didnt say it was totally because of mischa, im saying that the viewings dropped loads when she left which is why the ended the show

    • Heather

      i admit that im a fan of mischa lol i agree that the end of the show its totally cause of mischa girls like watching films which their fave show up indeed the oc is utterly boring its always about human love affair totally boring sick of it but i will still keep on so far i have just watched up to season 2 epsisode 7 since I LOVE MISCHA…

    • Austin 3:16

      I agree

    • oc_gal262

      i agree that it is the writers fault for the show ending. They always come up with the same storylines, its never ending drama with marissa’s character, they could have done so much with her instead of making her depressed and angry all the time, her and ryan could have been happy like seth and summer. I would want to leave the show too if I was given the same depressing storylines. But anyways I think the fab 4 did a great job and i love them!

    • georgia

      Uh hello?! Mischa chose most of her storylines! she says so in an interview! she was all like “i put my character through some pretty crazy things” and going on about how she came up with a lot of ideas because she didn’t want her character to be bland. of course she didn’t kill herself off, she was in another state of US filming a movie then she came back and read the script – she nor any of the other cast mates knew about it and they spent the day crying on the set. Tate has no right to say this, i mean how long was he on the show for? Oooh, S1 and like a few eps of S2, an appeaerance in S3&4, so like he can talk. Ben, meesh., rach and adam are amazing people and actors!

    • Milly

      georgia – i totally one hearted agree. In my oppinion the balance of hummour and drama was usually perfectly done. With the angst and drama of Ryan and Marissa you always had Seth and Summer there to counter balance. Mischa did a great job as did Adam, Ryan and Rachel. This is gona sound really bad – but i’m kinda in a way glad they were crying about mischa/marissa being killed off. Coz it shows that they appreciated her, didn’t expect it and had the same reaction to it as many of the fans did.

    • Slickchick

      Mischa chose to leave the show to persue her film career, although I thought it was pointless that she was killed off. They established the storyline that she was going away anyway, there was no reason to have her character die when they had already given her an exit, where she could have come back for cameo roles.
      Maybe the comment made was also about how Rachel Bilson had said she too wanted to leave to persue a film career.
      Without the “core 4″ the show just seemed to lose its sparkle, it couldn’t be helped… it would be like BtVS without Buffy, or Supernatural without Dean (I hope he doesn’t die!!) Plus teen-dramas often find the transition from high-school to uni hard… it could well have gone bad anyway.

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