Britney’s VMA Fiasco, What Really Happened?

Its been several hours since Britney’s performance and the winds still refuse to calm down following Britney’s so un-Britney-like performance. Two different reasons have been posted so far, one has to do with MTV calling off the big performance at the last minute, and the second has to do with Sarah Silverman.

According to X17:

Brit found out about Sarah Silverman’s crappy line about Britney’s babies just moments before she took the stage to perform “Gimme More.” Needless to say, Britney was PISSED! … as any mom would be. Britney was so upset she walked through her performance just to get it over with (despite encouragement from her friends, including Sam who was apparently yelling at Sarah backstage) to skip out on it all together). She held up her end of the bargain and got a major slap in the face from Sarah.

BREATHHEAVY posted that according to their sources:

Britney Spears was to perform under the magic of Chris Angel… but MTV freaked out at the last minute finding out what Britney was actually going to do.

Supposidly, what Britney and Chris were planning was to do a set of mirrors and flotation. But when told to the Palms Hotel/Casino… the hotel flipped.

Insurance was the main problem, and the stage couldn’t support the performance. MTV also freaked at the last minute because of their fear of being “too controversial” during the performance. Britney and Chris were infact furious with MTV’s sad excuse and told Britney to change the performance at the last minute.

Britney’s original performance was to infact appear and disappear. To float through the air… and for much mature dancing.

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    • purejuice

      honey, it’s fiasco.

    • Gilad

      You’re right, it definately was one

    • Trent

      I believe she was set up to fail , as it would bring more controversy, ……… change a performance last minute is not acceptable behavior by mtv… a dancer I know this, I feel so bad for her……the world won’t be happy till she kills herself, so sad.

    • Heather W mother of 2

      Leave Britney alone. Let her live her life anyway she wants. No one has a right to make any comments about her babies. The Kids have nothing to do with Britneys job. That’s right when she is on stage she is at her job. Not when she is on her on time trying to take care of her kids. Give her a break and leave her alone. Go get another hobby and pay attention to your own lives.

    • morgan

      britney your the best ever i love you cant wait for that cd leave britney alone