General Hospital, September 4th, Tuesday Recaps/Thoughts/Spoilers

  • For some reason, I was really bored from yesterday’s episode. Half-way through the end, Nikolas and Emily suddenly showed up talking about their future, or lack thereof. This is supposed to be build up to a Nikolas storyline they’ve got cooking up.  I am kinda looking forward to watching Nikolas act like a real Cassadine. He’s got that good or evil thing going on within him. He’s a Prince for cryingoutloud. And watch out for Sam to be in the mix. There is no way she’s been hanging around her “cousin” without something looming around, yah know what I mean? Maybe Sam is not Alexis’s daughter after all, hah. And before this Emily and Nikolas scene,  Elizabeth was giving Lucky an ultimatum. What a bitch. She’s always using her kids too as an excuse. Puhhlleeaazze. She only wants Lucky to make a decision now so she could continue pining over Jason. Lucky’s mojo is coming back though. He asked Liz, “what if I slept with Sam, would it make a difference? Or would she run after Jason faster than they can say divorce?”
  • Anyway, there was a Spinelli and Georgie moment too but that was boring. I think TPTB is testing the waters since Lulu is now paired with Logan but it didn’t work for me. There wasn’t any spark where there was supposed to be one.

  • Patrick and Robin were on? I was more distracted by Robin’s black and almost greenish hair.
  • I saved the best for last. I’ve always criticized this Kate and Sonny pairing. I mean we all know it’s just another bump in the Carly and Sonny saga. But I digress, to a point, heh.  I think now I understand Kate’s allure. The way she and Sonny were arguing was normal. There wasn’t any yelling. Unlike with Carly who is always yelling at anyone she’s arguing with. I love Laura Wright. She actually made me tolerate the character of Carly. I think she is doing an excellent job portraying a selfish, insecure, hypocritical and pathetically in love with Sonny character. Kate on the other hand has no problem pointing out to Sonny his own hypocrisies. All this Trevor this, Trevor that, who the heck is Sonny to point fingers? Somehow I’m grateful that the writers actually recognized that side of Sonny. Now if somebody please find someone to point Jason’s and Elizabeth hypocrisies I’d be a happy woman. I’ll volunteer…hehehe. :)
  • I still don’t get Carly’s hangups over Jax being raped. But of course Jax is just all too willing to smooth out every bump and knots when Carly is whining. Too bad it ain’t going to last. Carly is about to move in with Sonny anyway. Her poor Nanny. You all know she’s going to be the one dead in her living room right? Well, I’m assuming anyway :) .  Which prompts Sonny to “force” her and the boys to move in at his house.
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