Kelly Osbourne Speaks Out Against Crotch Shots

paris_hilton_22.jpgKelly Osbourne has decided that Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and other celebs who get caught with no undies are desperate for attention!!

She says, “That’s how desperate people are for attention. Instead of going out and doing something good, they’d rather show their vaginas to the world.”

Or maybe they are just to good for panties?

Source: ContactNews

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    • Jennifer

      Kelly Osbourne is a little psycho who would do well to work on her own problems instead of pointing the finger at other people.
      BTW, I have never seen a crotch shot of Paris that wasn’t photoshopped.

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    • paris no 1 fn

      dats desgusting!!!!!!!
      paris would neva do dat on perpose!!!
      ive seen 1 pic of her flashan her undies by accidant she was wit brit and it was by accidant she was getan in 2 a car!!!!
      ps. atleast she was wearen em

    • genie

      I agree with Kelly Osbourne. PUT SOME UNDERWEAR ON!!!!!!! Come on ladies, that is what skankie chicks do. So I guess you are what you do sometimes!!!

    • koopz90

      lmao paris would never do that???!!! of course she would. dnt forget she was in that sex tape…. doesnt that say enough, if she got enough guts to do that then a picture is nothing to her.