Beckhams’ Nannies Quit!

victoria david beckham nanniesThe London News is reporting that two of Posh and Becks’ nannies quit this past week.

They write:

New Zealander Zara and Londoner Claire, who had been hired to take care of Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, resigned from their jobs because they allegedly got fed up being treated like “skivvies” by the Beckham family.

“You’d imagine it’s a dream job working for celebrities like that in California. But these two trained professionals said it was a nightmare,” Newsoftheworld quoted an insider as saying.

“They complained Victoria spoke down to them, her mother Jackie bossed them about and they felt like dogsbodies,” the source added.

Although the two women were being paid a reasonable salary, their life had become very stressful at the hands of the Beckham family, said another source.

“Both girls ended up having to cook and clean up for all the family. Victoria and Jackie constantly nagged and ordered them about. Some days they were on the go from 6am to midnight. The pay was OK but they just got sick of it,” the source said.

While working for a celebrity isn’t glamorous — nor should people expect it to be — employees need to be treated with respect. I wonder if this is a case of mis-communication about the expectations of the Beckhams’ employees or is Posh was being a true diva.

It’s hard to say!

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