So DMX is a dog fighting dumbass too?

dmx.pngAnother day, another dumbass celebrity caught with a whole pack of fighting dogs. Listen to this:

KPNX television in Phoenix is reporting that the Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff’s Department raided rapper DMX’s home this morning in Cave Creek and removed 12 distressed pit bulls.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was not home at the time. News 12 is reporting a large cache of weapons was found in the home as well.

DMX has a long rap sheet (pun intended), which includes a guilty plea to animal cruelty charges in 2002.

UPDATE: According to DMX’s attorney Murray Richman, it was all about the blazing Arizona heat. Richman claims that someone reported the dogs were at risk because of the extreme temperatures, telling TMZ “Earl has a caretaker, who obviously wasn’t taking care. Earl loves those dogs.” Richman added that DMX isn’t even in Az and hasn’t been there for several months because he’s off working on a project.

Okay, so first of all, he had a caretaker? Let’s ask Ving Rhames’ caretaker how he feels about taking care of a pack of rabid pit bulls. Oh wait – we can’t ask him! Because the motherfuccker is DEAD!

Secondly, I think that a guy who had a snarling pit bull prominently featured on his hit album (see above) and has been charged with animal cruelty charges in the past is probably is not going to be too worried about A)leaving them out in the heat and B)giving a flying rat’s ass about them AT ALL, mmkay?

Gosh, I can’t wait to see what Jamie Foxx is going to say about THIS one. Did DMX forget to read the “black guy’s manual” as well?


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    • imnotblackorwhite

      hey you fucked up white people its not about color. do your home work dog fighting came from redneck back woodswhite people down south just like everything else thats fucked up. leave the man alone. oh yea guns same thing drugs same thing from rednecks

    • I’m five

      peanuts no but seriously dog fighting is bad

    • Eliteist=LiberalDuchebag

      Remeber when DMX played in the movie “Craddle to the grave” at the start of the movie when he steps off the subway train he looks around sniffing like a dog and Snarels ” NIGGGGGGGGGGAAAA!!!!!” Dog fighting didnt come from White people or black people it came from the BLOODY BRITISH!!!! Americas first and oldest enimie. you people are fucking stupid

    • no one

      im obviously late to comment on this but, even though he has charges of cruelty, does not mean he fought his dogs. hes been known as a dog lover, pitbulls specifically. he wouldn’t be stupid enough to name his album grand champ with a pitbull on the cover affiliating with dog fighting. dog fighting is suppose to be under a very strict radar. he might have just got to caught up in his acting & music career, and just lost time for the dogs. he had so many because he has so much money and can afford these beautiful dogs. the dogs might have been in un acceptable condition but i dont think they were all torn up like they were fought in rings and stuff. dogs who are brought into rings face 2 options, victory or death. no questions asked. ive seen a video of dog fights and its a no brainer to see if your dogs were in rings or not. me being a dog/pitbull person myself would probably have multiple dogs with there own personal kennel if i had more then enough money to my exposal. with that said, even some of the wealthiest people can still go beyond there means and its a mistake. move on

    • will

      I own bulldogs, infact DMX and I have some of the same blood, he got a pup a few years ago off Ho and Coolio breeding. When you pay someone to take care of your dogs, you need to stay in touch. I use to live in Phoenix, and always thought it was entirely too hot for dogs, as well as humans, that’s why I moved back to a cooler climate. These dogs weren’t bred to be man aggressive and regardless to what the media says, most pit bull attacks are not by pit bulls. There is no such thing as a 90lb pit bull. They range in size from 20 to 65 lbs. Dog aggressive yes, man aggressive no.

    • colonel

      breeding was made entirely too easy if kids like jazzy and dizzy are still breathing – keep your ghetto thug, ignorant and at the bottom. be proud of your de-evolution. eventually your toughness will kill you. thank dog.

    • DogFightersShouldBeMurdered

      First thing here, I own a wonderful American Pitbull. She is the best dog I’ve ever had and I think that the Pitbull is one of the best breeds on the planet. I would just like to say that dog fighting…… animal fighting in general, is and ignorant practice. Dog fighting does not make you tough, more of a man, or earn you any respect in my book. Having love for your fellow man and the animals on this planet make you worthy of inhabiting it. Everyone who breeds animals to torture them (i.e. dog fighting) should have to experience firsthand the suffering that those animals go through. If I could I would make everyone who fights animals fight each other to the death, you then would most likely see a sharp drop in this problem. See, these animals that are being bred to fight don’t have a choice in the matter. Is it a Pitbull’s fault they were born a Pitbull? No, it’s these dumbfuck people’s fault for making the Pitbull fight. I’ll ask this, given the choice would you rather be secure, live in a nice home with a loving family OR live on the streets having to fight for your food, being beaten and not knowing when the day will come when you’ll inevitably die? Dog fighting is wrong. Now I love combat sports, I train in BJJ, Muay Tie kickboxing, grappling and Tae Kwon Do, but I choose to fight and too many of these animals are left with no choice. To anyone who fights dogs or thinks it’s O.K. to do so……I would love to snap your arms off and beat you to death with them.

    • DMX

      DMX 4 LIFE fuck yall haters

    • Jazz

      I own a Pitbull and am proud to say that he’s a true candidate for his breed, he does NOT attack or kill other dogs because he was raised to be gentle and loving. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t protect me if necessary, just means I have control over his actions.
      He was attacked by a Jack russel and waited for the little dog to bite him for the 5th time before snarling and holding the dog to the ground for someone to contain it.
      Pitbull’s were NOT originally bred for fighting, they can’t handle the pain from the other dogs, they do however put up with it to please their owners.
      They can’t handle someone drowning them, hanging them, shooting them, when they don’t win…
      They don’t like being under fed and puppy’s and cat’s don’t like being bait for the dog’s to train on.
      I am a fan of DMX’s music, but not his actions.
      And I absolutely hate Micheal Vick for his actions, he should NOT be able to own another animal, let alone a protective breed such as the Belgian Shepherd.