• Mon, Aug 20 2007

Tina Knowles Collection

tina knowles collection

Tina Knowles, a.k.a. Beyoncé‘s mom, has a clothing line that she says is Creole-inspired and figure flattering. I’m not sure if I like the clothes very much or whether I understand why they are “Creole” but here are some pics (if you want to see the whole collection, click here ):

miss tina clothes

miss tina clothes 2

miss tina clothes 3

miss tina clothes 4


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  • http://www.Hugg.ca Joshy 79

    old people stuff!!!!!!

  • GerriG

    I love all the purses are .

  • http://www.beyonce-k.com Jeanne

    Hmmm… Gerri may have a point. The purses are kinda nice :)

  • Genevieve

    i think Mama tina is riding this Creole thing a bit too hard. why can’t she just say she has a collection for a mature audience.

  • mustafa

    well well beyonce dressed best clothes i ever seen in my life braaaaaaaap

  • sagalina

    i think the style is very classy but not hip but beyonce looks good in dem clothes so heyyyyyyyy!!

  • Tanisha Rose

    I Tina Knowels I really love your clothes and i say clothes becasue i don’t feel to much of you in deron line. I would like for you to make me something special for my 31 birhtday. Which is July 28, I don’t have plans but an outfit will make some. I am 110pouns dress size 1 pants size 2 or 3 and want something hot becasue you know whats hot.

  • Angelbudder

    Hello Mrs.Knowles

    Thank you or your team of professionals for this
    opportunity to leave a thought.

    I love the Dereon clothing collection and have
    likely more than two of everything…
    because the garments fit to a “T”.

    Even when I don’t plan on being somewhere
    and get stuck overnight having no change
    of cloth and had to wear the same thing the
    next day I still get comments like “you look great, where’d you get your cloth”…and I’m not kidding!
    and do tell them.

    I get comments like that all the time wearing
    the Dereon line, which is everyday…no kidding,
    but what really gets me is that everyday
    men and women alike go out of there way to
    come up to me saying how good I look.

    So I want to thank you for that because I
    purchase Dereon for the amazing fit & unmatched
    comfort they provide and end up getting so
    much more out of it.
    So Thank You !!

    But I’m writing to ask you to include the shoes
    the models wear on the Dereon clothing sight for
    purchase, that’s how I found this sight.
    I thought maybe the shoes they wear would be
    in the Tina Knowles Collection.
    Those strapless pumps would co-ordinate well with the Dereon jeans and tops I wear and
    I’d love to purchase the gold colored ones with
    the gold half ball on the top of it as well as a few others that seem to be three inch heels.

    I don’t look for to many miracles but after finding
    the Dereon Collection you never know….

    All the best to you and your very talented crew!!

    Best Regards
    Angel Salo / Vancouver Canada

  • kloe101

    I don’t know what AngelBudder is looking @ or wearing. For 1 the dereon line look super cheap. I am a design student and those fabrics that are use for that line are rediculously CHEAP. No quality there at all. The mrs tina line looks like it is made of better quality fabric but the designs are not horrible just for a more mature audience (late 40′s mid 50′s) I see nothing that is so CREOLE inspired. What the hell is CREOLE inspired anywayz. Black people (that includes you mrs tina) need to learn to be more creative and come up with real inspiration for art.

  • http://www.beyonce-k.com/tina-knowles-collection/ Pamela

    Hi, Tina

    Could we have some of your collection sold in South Africa, in Johannesburg?