All My Children : Monday 08-13-07 Recap

I’m sorry, but what the heck happened today? NOTHING! Well, of course the show was on and people were still acting out their storylines but truth be told, I wish we’d all move on by now.

– As much as I agree with Alicia Minshew that this stroyline has been the hardest yeat meatiest she’s ever done, I think this whole Kendall/Spike/Ian/Ryan/Zach and Annie on the side being a cheeleader to everyone needs to move to the next level. Yes we know Kendall is in pain not being able to help her boys but we’ve seen her cry, scream and growl at everyone long enough. It’s time to stop saying it’s Greenlee’s fault. Yes we know and yes it is her fault. Yes we know how much Ryan is weirdly admiring Zach’s miracle worker actions to the point that his oogling at his boy’s step-father seems like he wants to have sex with him. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that’s how they each roll, yah know. It’s time to get to the treatment. Stop delaying the inevitable. Stop trying to keep Kendall in suspense. Geez, hasn’t she been through enough?

– Greenlee getting plastered and letting herself get picked up by a slime ball is so unGreenlee. She’s a snotty little bitch. She’s not Kendall who would sleep with Ryan’s brother the first day he showed up in town to stick it to Ryan for choosing Greenlee. Remember that? Greenlee is destructive but she’s too hoighty toighty to just get drank and act all slutty. But then again, maybe this pain of causing Spike’s condition has finally turn her into the old Kendall.

– And why did Ava have to be all snotty all of a sudden? Now that she’s the FUSION model she’s acting like working at Krystal’s pub is so beneath her. C’mon. Couldn’t you think of a better story than that?

– Erica, just realizing now that she and Jack just can’t seem to get back together without their children’s problems looming over them. It’s not like she’s ever reached out to Greenlee. The day she moved back into town she was treating her like crap. You couldn’t blame the girl if she donated to the Miranda foundation to get her Father to finally divorce Erica. Ahh, I don’t know.

– Let’s move on, really. I think Alicia has accumulated a lot of scenes to submit to the Emmy’s next year. Even Thorsten Kaye and Cameron Mathison. So has Sabine. Don’t hold your breath for Susan Lucci, heh.

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