The Evolution of General Hospital Wardrobe and MakeUp Dept.

Now I finally get how the wardrobe and make up department work in Port Charles. It kinda makes sense how each items are distributed among the lead characters but I do feel sorry for Emily because she gets nothing. Not even a good storyline. Not anymore anyway. She’s not even getting laid with Nikolas lately. Natalia Livingston must have pissed them off when she won the Emmy’s a couple of years ago but her ex-boyfriend Tyler Christopher didn’t. HAH!


Amelia gets all the eye liner she could possibly apply on her eyelids channeling Marilyn Manson.


While Carly gets no bra most of the time, she does get an ample amount of bronzer. And flat- iron treatments.


Of course it has been well-established that Elizabeth “wannabe Mrs. Morgan” Spencer gets all the cute clothes, lip gloss, and lip venoms. Anything to make her lips pout for Jason at a moment’s notice, she gets it.


Sam on the other hand gets the privilege of wearing all the tight ‘beaters and tunic tops to showcase her well-endowed chest. Bitch! ;) . No wonder Liz pouts a lot. She wants a set of nice rack too.


Jerry’s supposed dead ex Irina, meanwhile, is lucky enough to get Alexis’s wig rejects. Oh well, at least she’s spending time with unshaven-rugged Jax. She better pray Carly doesn’t get a hold of her wig or else.


I mean look at poor Emily. She has no make up on. Her hair looks like a rat is getting ready to migrate. Whatever happened to the gorgeous clothes, tight jeans, well-cut tops and orgasmic shoes she used to wear when she was playing house with Sonny and his 2 hooligans-in-training boys? I guess that’s what happens when your Aunt steals your inheritance? Damn Tracy. Nikolas is a prince though. I’m sure he could afford to treat her to a spa and a shopping spree a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Well as it is with Sonny’s women, once he’s done with them, they end up being leftovers. Kate better be careful. No amount of “I’m Kate, the fashion editor for Couture magazine therefore I should know Art, wear high-end looking clothes that looks like crap, not eat carbs or anything at all for that matter” lines will save her from Sonny’s dark curse once he’s gotten her pregnant with another hooligan-in-training to head the Mob business in Port Charles someday.


So yeah, Kate/Connie better watch her back. The wardrobe and make up department are just waiting in the wings to get their paws on her cute bob styled hair.

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    • mare

      Sam’s hair is so cute in the 1st screenshot. I’m not as impressed with the younger generation’s appearances. I think they’re following the trends way too closely, it dates both the character and the show.

      Carly’s style has completely evolved much like her character has. That’s progress! Also, I’ve always loved Skye’s classic looks crossed over from AMC. I would be remissed not to mention Alexis’ relax wardrobe, her professional looks is too harsh!

      With that said, I’m such an old-school GH fan because I like the old characters and their styles better. Tracy looked and looks fabulous with her trademark bob and mandarin collared tunics. Anna, when she’s on, isn’t as harsh as her sweater and creased pant from even before Robin was an embryo. She looks so good but it helps that she has her own fashion show, lol. My honorable mentions; Holly, Tiffany, even modern-day Kristina Malandro’s Felicia, and when Brenda didn’t cross over to high class trampy.

      I try not to pay mind to the make-up because I’m sure they pile it on for the cams. Can you imagine running into some of these ladies without all that goop? Scary!

    • mare

      Hahaha, sorry so long. Can you tell I love GH?!

    • Dexie

      Mare, I love your long comments. :)

      They’ve been doing a lot of wavy and bangs hair PC these days. Except for Kate and Maxie. I know Carly gets a lot of flat iron treatment coz Laura Wright has curly hairs.

      I loved Maxie’s long hair but it only lasted for a week. Wish she didn’t cut it short again.

      Sam reminds me so much of Brenda sometimes. They could be Wouldn’t that be funny? Another way to stroke Sonny’s ego. He slept with the mother and the 2 daughters..Ayayay.

    • shelley

      Can anyone tell me how I can find out what makeup is used on becky herbst on general hospital (elizabeth webber) i love the sheen and glow and colors they use on her face cheeks eyes and lips, its light but totally glows…on todays episode they had similar makeup on emily. I mus find this info out….Help???