Scary Spice lashes out at Eddie Murphy


Meow! Scary Spice decided to unleash her claws:

A secret wedding, a new baby and a child support battle on the horizon — Spice Girl Melanie Brown has a lot to talk about.

And the Brit also known as Scary Spice opened up about them all for the first time on Thursday night’s Larry King Live.

Brown wasted no time lashing out against ex Eddie Murphy, the father of her five-month-old daughter Angel Iris. In June, Murphy, who had initially denied being the father, was forced by the court to take a paternity test that proved Angel is his daughter.

“I think the most important thing to me is that Angel knows her dad,” she told King. “And her dad is Eddie Murphy, and she has every right to know who he is.”

She continued about her ex, “I think he’s been extremely disrespectful and I don’t think anybody should be allowed to get away with saying what he said whilst I was pregnant…Even when the DNA test results were in there was still nothing further said, which I found baffling. After all this, and still nothing? It’s unacceptable.”

Murphy only baffled Brown further with a statement that King read aloud on the broadcast, in which he denied Brown’s claims that her pregnancy was planned by the couple, and asked for the matter to be handled privately.

“I wish we could handle it privately,” she said, “But when my name is thrown out there when I’m four months pregnant, with the…’is it mine, I don’t know,’ of course I’m going to stand up for myself.”

Still, both King and some viewers who sent in email questions wondered what exactly she wants from Murphy.

Brown explained: “I was waiting and hoping that he would do what he said he was going to do which was take care of the situation and be responsible. I believed that.”

Seeking sole legal and physical custody of Angel Iris, Brown, 32, and lawyer Gloria Allred specified that any court action is simply to establish Murphy’s legal paternity and a reasonable amount of child support.

The jilted Brown still showed that Murphy meant something to her, telling King, “At the end of the day the person that I fell in love with was amazing.” But she quickly followed with, “The person that I know now…I’m kind of apalled.”

On the happier topic of her June 6 secret marriage to movie producer Stephen Belafonte, Brown revealed, “We wanted it to be a private thing right now, and a commitment just for me and him. That was important.”

And would she like to have children with him as well?

“Yeah, I’d like to, of course.”

I still can’t figure out why Eddie Murphy did all this crap to her – but then again, I’m still madly crushing on SNL Eddie, not current LowLife Bastid Eddie.


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