Amy Winehouse is going to rehab – she said yes, yes, yes

amy_winehouse.pngFINALLY. At least she’s getting her head together before she has kids and completely screws them up too, unlike someone ELSE (come on, we know it’s Britney) we know:

Amy Winehouse has checked herself into rehab following a suspected drugs overdose.

The troubled singer was treated in hospital after collapsing on Wednesday.

She is seeking help at The Priory in Roehampton after her shocking drink and drugs lifestyle finally took its toll.

Apparently her “exhaustion” a couple of days back was actually a bad drug cocktail. She’s wise to seek help, because if she doesn’t stop acting like this, she’ll be dead within a year. Not to be morbid or anything. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!


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    • Ana

      I liked Amy Winehouse a few months before getting big on VH1, MTV and radio airwaves. As I looked into the artist more, I was shocked to see photos of her pre-fame. She was a healthy weight and didn’t sport her beehive nor her crazy eye makeup. Now, in her videos and pictures she looks completely anorexic and lost in drugs or alcohol. I hope she does well once she gets out if she’s really going. Otherwise, she’s just wasting her wonderful talent.

    • effrossini dianelli

      I like amy winehouse. I don’t know you know. I am a hypocrite, and like to talk crap.

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