So You Think You Can Dance: The Final 6 Dancers – Pasha & Lacey


What can I say? It’s down to the final 6 dancers. Who could find fault with any of them? I’ll refrain from commentary this week, since all I would be saying is how great the dances are anyway. Check them out to see if you don’t agree:

Pasha & Lacey
Hip-Hop: Choreaographer Dave Scott

The rest for Pasha & Lacey are after the jump…

Smooth Waltz: Choreaographer Hunter Johnson

Lacey’s Solo Dance

Pasha’s Solo Dance

The results show will NOT air tonight as usual. FOX is airing some dumb sports thing instead…GEEZ! Don’t they know that we need to know the results! Anyway, the results show will not be live this week, and it won’t air until Monday at 8 PM ET. *sigh* We just have to wait to see who goes home!

Who did you think was the best this week? Who do you think is finished in the competition? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!!

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