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constantine maroulis american idol cd launch 5Well, you knew it would just be a matter of time before someone did a review, so here it is – Constantine Maroulis‘ first album review:

Here’s a subpar review of the first album from Constantine Maroulis. The apparent message from The Chicago Tribune ?

Perhaps he ought to stick to The Bold and The Beautiful.

Backstory: Remember Constantine Maroulis? Finished in sixth place two years ago on American Idol? Did the rock thing, à la Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry? Greek? Off-Broadway actor/singer?

Why you should care: Because if runner-ups like Daughtry and Clay Aiken can put out better (and better-selling records) than some of the actual Idol winners, that means there’s room for everyone. And Maroulis, while not possessing the most distinctive voice in the world, pleasantly emulates Rob Thomas, John Mayer and the late great Brad Delp (Boston), among others.

Verdict: And yet, these songs… Wow. Lead single “Everybody Loves” mixes rock guitar, some upbeat piano, soulful back-up vocals and enough “nah nah nahs” to worm its way into your head. Sadly, lyrics like “you can drink champagne with the president of Spain / or be a poor man walking in the rain” destroy the album’s one chance of creating a decent pop single.

Elsewhere, Maroulis channels mall metal circa 1989 (”Child of the Revolution”), latter-day Santana (”Girl Like You”) and, uh, a petulant teen girl (”Favorite T-shirt,” where Maroulis demands his favorite outerwear back).

X-Factor: If you have problems finding the record, send your complaints to Maroulis’ record company, Sixth Place Records. He owns it.

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    • felecia

      So clearly written with an agenda. Did you even listen to the CD? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Lucene

      What a biased and totally ridiculous review of this CD … The CD is a fun, eclectic mix of songs and those two lyrics you quoted ARE MEANT TO BE CHEESEY!!! You are clueless.

    • Critic

      Just a matter of opinion from one who by what I’m reading, is neither a professional critic nor writer, just a subpar dilly dallier of words. So, with that said, I think it’s time to ignor and move on to professionals who have stated otherwise.

    • Jeanne

      I hope you guys aren’t talking about me. I didn’t write this. I love Constantine. I’m not sure if you can see that it’s a quote and has a “source” written at the bottom. :)

    • Lucene

      Jeanne cut and pasted this from the Chicago Tribune … the only bad review his album has gotten. I have seen this same cut and pasted story under three different people so far … what, are they too lazy to buy the album, listen to it themselves and actually write a review themselves? The answer is apparently YES.

    • Jeanne

      Actually, Lucerne, I would be more than welcome to accept your review of the album. It is remarkable that someone with your apparent intelligence would come to a site and call people lazy. You know absolutely nothing about me or my circumstances. It is very hurtful, especially since I like Constantine a lot (I think this is my 3rd Con post in the past 2 days – a lot of people don’t even like him).

      Like I said, you have no idea what I have planned for this CD or Carrie Underwood’s soon-to-be released one and I am astonished by the nastiness.

    • Lucene

      Oh come off it. I am glad you are a fan of Constantine but If you are such a fan of him why re-post this one bad review and not all the favorable ones? BTW you misspelled my name.

    • Jeanne

      Send me a good one and I will publish it (I’ve already asked Critic to write me one). Fans send me stuff all the time and I post it (check through the site – it’s the truth). I do believe in representing both sides of everything (good and bad). You’d be surprised how often I am attacked for printing positive stuff about people. Honestly, I write about what comes to my desk and I depend on good fans to send me what I miss :) Besides, I do have plans for this CD but it’s not finalized yet…

      Sorry about the name-spelling. Lucerne is a popular French name and I just saw it that way out of habit.

    • LisaR

      I also think this is a great Freshman CD. I don’t like 100% of it..but so what. It is a “fun” CD. It has a bit of everything and highlights much more of Constantine’s true talents besides what’s going on with that MOJO (LOL). If one listens hard enough, they will hear a polished/versatile performer with more appeal than most could ever hope to have. He be da bomb..each to his own. He has shown he is the one to beat..ahem–

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    • ozzy

      Don’t sweat it Jeanne. Constantine has some real die hard fans who refuse to hear anything negative about him. That actually makes things more difficult for him. I wish they would just stop. He’s a “love him” or “hate him” kind of performer and I happen to love him. I can also read negative reviews without feeling the need to defend him. I will buy his CD no matter what the reviews say and I am sure most other people who enjoy his work will too. No need to try to “cover up” bad reviews. Everyone gets them, not just Constantine. Reviews are really just a matter of personal preference by the reviewer. Not something to freak out about.

    • dj

      Well said, Ozzy.

    • Jeanne

      Lisa – thank you for actually responding with an opinion about the CD rather than an attack. It’s good to hear from fans who have something to add to the discussion. :)

      Ozzy – thank you. I feel very similarly. It surprises me when I write something and people get terribly bent out of shape (how could you defend this person? or why are you so negative?). You just can’t win. I really appreciate your comments.

      DJ – ditto the above :)

    • Donna

      When the hardcore Constantine fans defend him like every word he utters is poor gold, they actually do him a disservice. Those who love him will love the album, those who like him may still buy it and decide for themselves and those who thought he had the ick factor, won’t care one way another. So you gotta think about stopping with that “oh you must be biased and have an agenda” if you don’t think he’s as good as the angels up above. He hits some really bad notes and whines a little. In some spots he soars. In defending him so vigorously, you actually embarrass yourselves and reduce the credibility of him as a performer. When a guy like him has such ridiculous fans, the average person think the guy must be a kook to have such a whacky following.

      Just love him and say that you like it – you don’t have to defend your opinion nor should the people who thinks its crap. And boy oh boy “president of spain” are you kidding? Yes he’s a genius.

    • Donna

      Hi Lisa R – :)

    • Misty

      Now this review is harsh.
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