General Hospital : Monday 08-06-07

– Liz lied again. Which one I don’t know. Well she lied about Jake being Lucky’s son. But after she told him how much she loves him she visited Jason telling him that she lied to Lucky again. About Jake and then she mentioned being in love with him and sleeping with him and not ever going to happen again. When somebody says that on soaps, it usually means one of these days Liz will sleep with Jason again..LOL

– Before Liz, Emily visited her borther. OMG, she’s alive and she looks like crap. Well her rounds didn’t help her in looking like a human being I guess. What a way to let us know where Emily has been these few weeks. She called Ric a slimey toad. And told Jason she loves him and that he will beat this case coz she’s not going to lose him too after they just lost Alan.

– Before Emily, Sam was yelling at Jason for letting Liz manipulate him over and over again. I can’t believe their relationship turned into so much hatred but Liz will get her karma soon enough coz Sam is going to be hanging around Lucky and their boys a lot soon. Maybe Liz will feel how Sam felt everytime she saw her with Jason when they were still together. Anyway, Sam uttered the best lines for today to Jason, “You deserve every bit of pain you’ve caused yourself to feel”. Something like that. It’s so true.

– Lulu and Logan are still having a date. They ate smore’s. Yummy. Anybody noticed how cheesy Logan’s patriotic tattoos were? You got enough US flag on your arms dude? Adorable scenes with Lulu though :)

– Kate collapsed after rescuing Morgan from drowning. She’s probably hungry, heh. Where is Morgan and Michael’s nanny anyway? She’s nowhere to be found after Carly dropped them off at Sonny’s without him knowing. Then Sonny left them to go to court and fight with Ric. What the heck?

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    • Brandi

      Why hire a nanny when your neighbor the fashion editor can watch your kids? I am sure Anna Wintour does it for her neighbors all the time.

    • Dexie

      LOL. I bet she does..hehe.