Britney Spears Thong Pictures

Back in February, before Britney shaved her head, went ballistic and even before she got locked up (remember those times?), there was a rumor about Britney Spears stripping in a New York club. In fact the story said Britney was dancing naked on the dance floor.

Well, pictures from the “occasion” are finally out and these pictures of Britney Spears in a thong are quite revealing… The pics are along the lines of Britney’s behavior at the time and show a another guy and a girl in a thong along with Britney Spears in a thong.

Take a look for yourself, Britney Spears in thong pictures:

britney spears thong pic

britney spears thong pictures

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    • Kristen

      Obviously Britney does give a shit about how her children will look at her. I feel so bad for those lil boys!

    • Kelly

      So What, you see more than that on a beach. She is a dancer, and she looks like she is posing with a group of dancers. The media is trying to crucify her and everyone is buying into it. They keep photographing and reporting her every move. They are driving her to the point of insanity by hunting her like a pack of wild animals with their photo lenses. Leave the girl alone!!!!!!

    • Krissy Poo

      Brittney puts the HO in homemaker!

    • Sabina

      Exactly, Kelly!

    • Mistislav Templellardov

      Does not the photo contain a rack a shirts. It is a changing room not a night club. She is in her “undies” because she is changing outfits. She may have an IQ of 80 but please only abuse Americans using facts. It will be easier to get rid of “American style” popstars from the rest of the world this way.

    • Blake

      Look at how effed up she is. Who’s looking after her kids? WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS, ITS TIME TO GROW UP! god, those kids are going to be the most screwed up kids of all time. period. exclamation.

      You have to be the most unstable, incompitent parent ever to lose your kids to Kevin Effing Federline! And now shes a drug addict in the eyes of the court. How could you people actually defend her? Don’t have enough going on in ur lives then to wait to defned britney spears next debacle?

      She has it all and is throwing it all away to get high. GREAT ROLE MODEL!!!

      and her new song SUCKS!!!! “its britney bitch!” wtf is that? worst song ever. worst fall from grace ever. and the people who still love her, get a clue. the only thing worse then being britney spears are her followers who praise her at every step of her way down the spiral. YOU ARE HER CRUTCH! “well people still like me so i ain’t changin’, ya’ll” STOP ENABLING THIS BITCH! If her fans began to be embarassed to be her fans, then mayeb she would clean up her image.


    • http://Yahoo John

      She is Hot!

    • debbie

      Iwish that Brit.. could find peace , happyness, self-worth & uncon-love …. Brit.. Do you know that there is someone that loves you so much that nothing matters – nothing is more important than YOU….this person would even die for you.

    • freak

      I’d just love to shove my face in that gorgeous ass!

    • Charlie

      I like Britney getting out of a car showing her self with no panties on.It just does not get any better.She is by far the sexiest women in the world and she knows it.Go girl and let the world think your crazy when you are really smart like a know men and women alike would get down on their hands and knees for you.

    • brock

      Wow she has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen. She may be insane/bad mom I’d still own that hoe hahaha

    • http://Same Charlie

      Thanks For puting me in the top 12.I still think she would be better off going lesbian. All men want to do is to get in her pants and they don’t give a rats in Hell if they knock her up. So get with it Brit and go girlie. You have enough kids, so find someone to help you raise them., and what better than another women.Screw these crazy ass men.

    • freak

      i luv her. she’s got nice boobs and a beutiful ass!!!!!!!!!!

    • freak

      britney is a rolemodel for me! i want to be just like her!! actually i luv to look at naked pix!! she’s better off as a lesbian! why can’t those bastards leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to and type in “britney spears naked pictures” it’ll give you the best pictures!!
      LUV U BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://N/A GGZ


    • matman

      i still beat off to all her pics she is a hot woman

    • jittu

      she s really 2 swtt n hot 2…..