All My Children : Monday, 07-30-07

Greenlee visits Spike while Ryan and Annie were in the room as well. Kendall showed up and started yelling at Greenlee. The latter was wise enough to leave. Ryan then informed Kendall of Spike’s condition. As a mother, I do feel what Kendall is feeling right now. Geez, 2 boys in the hospital, both fighting for their lives and she can’t do anything about it. As much as I don’t like her and her mother, Erica, the moment they had at the end of the show was heartbreaking. This was after Kendall just totally let the tears flow. I could just feel the emotions rushing through her. She’s pretty much numb when Joe and the other Doctor informed her and Zach that Ian needs to have an operation to fix a hole in his heart. Kendall was confused which child needed what.

Jack and Erica are both fighting for their ffamily and kids and their relationship. Jack being Greenlee’s rock at the moment is driving Erica nuts. What did she expect? Yes it’s terrible but if it was the other way around Erica wouldn’t leave her kids either. So I’m glad Jack is sticking around to check on his daughter. I mean, Greenlee needs it too. The guilt she must be feeling right now.

– Surprisingly, Josh is by Greenlee’s side as well. He’s not saying much though. He took her home after being discharged from the hospital and even agreed to update her on Spike’s progress sinche she’s not on the “Family” list.

Meanwhile, Fusion Green is being managed by Babe, Di and Amanda. Holy Crap. And they actually came up with a concept to launch it. A webcam thing I guess. I totally missed the whole process coz I was doing some chores in the kitchen. This is my way of saying I’m bored with Babe and Di, heh. Well, apparently it was a success coz the next thing I saw was them celebrating and getting lots of phone calls. Ava is a hit I guess.

Is it just me or is the spark between Annie and Ryan gone? I’m sorry but I just don’t feel the chemistry anymore. With all this tragedy happening around them and the kids, Annie being the supportive Mrs. Lavery is just not working for me. Maybe because Spike is Kendall’s son that whatever emotion Annie is feeling doesn’t compensate much. eh, I don’t know. She’s supposed to have a secret that is slightly similar to what Greenlee has done. It could be related to the fact that AMC put out a casting for her long lost brother. Interesting…

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