Neighbours Goes Music Mad

Ramsey Street is looking set to become Australia’s music capital. Yesterday we heard that Dean Geyer will join the cast of Neighbours. Now it seems that several high profile Australian acts will also appear on the soapie in coming months.

Taking their inspiration from American comedy Ally McBeal, Neighbours will transform its revamped bar Charlie’s into a live-music venue. Dean’s Australian Idol rival, Damien Leith, his Australian Idol judge Marcia Hines (are we noticing a theme?), Robyn Loau, Amy Pearson, and Human Nature are all scheduled to appear in the coming months.

All this buzz about music seems to have rubbed off on Neighbours starlet Caitlin Stasey. The young actress, who plays Rachel Kinski, hopes to launch her own singing career.

Hey, it worked for Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, and Delta Goodrem. However, for every superstar Neighbours produces, there’s always a Holly Valance or Stephanie McIntosh.

Caitlin told The Sunday Telegraph, “I’d love to do something along the lines of Joni Mitchell, or I’d love to be in a band like a No Doubt thing.”

That’s some combination! However, before we dismiss young Caitlin’s dreams as the aspirations of just another soapie star, consider this. She actually writes her own music and plays the guitar. That’s got to put her ahead of the game.

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    • Tracey Hicks

      I reckon Good Luck Caitlin!!! I mean this sincerely. It maybe the case for every Holly Valance and Steph Macintosh there is a super star, how dare you compare Caitlin to those people, she’s young, eager, has good looks and a good voice to boot, just because the other ones didn’t succeed, they didn’t fail, either, I might add, doesn’t mean shes going to fail either, even if she does, what business is that of yours, she’s going to or wants to give it a good go, don’t put her down or knock her before she’s even tried or got her first alum out, lets hear you sing, you don’t write positively about this, like you expect her to fail, she could do better at journalism than you do and boost peoples self esteem instead of ripping it to shreds

    • lkatulka

      I don’t think I was putting down Caitlin at all. If you read the article, I actually say that she writes her own music and plays the guitar so I feel it gives her edge over the soap stars who didn’t make it. I also talked about the soap stars who have broken out of the show and had massive success. I definitely don’t expect her to fail just because she’s been on Neighbours. You might want to really read what I’m saying before you start attacking it, hey?

    • Nick

      Tracey… my oh my!! Epic over the top hey! Did you acctually read the article?

      Great article lkatulka :)

    • lkatulka

      Thanks Nick ;-)