Britney and the Kids at Marina Del Rey


Britney, the nanny and the kids went down to Marina Del Rey for a a day on the boat. More pics to come.




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    • kelly

      no, he is not cute. they are 2 chubby to be cute, how about brit driving with sean on her lap again. and then there is the carseat that jayden is in, it should be facing the other way. and sean is near the door on the boat. he is not being supervised. he could fall into the water. and the issue of sean’s teeth, they are rotting out of his head. bottle’s of pepsi all day long and at bedtime. all the happy meal’s . and they alway’s look dirty, i am sorry but the boy’s will see all of this, and the probably need therapy. i hope kevin get’s the boy’s. she is crazy, she think’s the boy’s are her freind’s , because she has no adult freind’s…..