• Sat, Jun 30 2007

What the hell happened to Sharon Stone?

Is this for a movie role? One in which she plays the emaciated vampire witch that sucks out the lifeblood of many fine young virgins?


It just does NOT SUIT.


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  • Like It Matters

    You really want to know “what happened”?
    OK, here’s exactly what happened:

    - the sun was shining directly into her eyes and she was squinting

    - she was photographed in mid-movement.

    - the photographer probably took a dozen photos of her (at least), but the editor chose the least flattering of them all. (They know what they’re doing.)

    - the fish lips don’t suit her. In fact, they don’t suit anyone but fish, obviously.

  • Palm Palm

    She is an American and should be left alone. Yes, it was not a candid comment, but that’s what she felt like saying, too bad one can’t speak without offending someone.