MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski refuses to do a Paris Hilton news story, rips up script

Okay, so can we have this lady on the news instead of Katie Couric? I have a wee bit of a girl crush on her now.

Now, THAT’s hot, bbs!

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    • Edward Schulz

      Mika is not so “Meeka” after all.

      Congratulations on expressing that which no other journalist has dared to utter for the sake of network ratings and retaining favor with the bosses. Here in Southern California we overwhelmingly naseuated by the daily dalliances of Paris (I personally keep a barf bag at the ready during the nightly news just in case).

      Why the hell would anyone stay up to watch her get out of jail live? Is her dad is too busy negoitiating the sale of their Hotel holdings to give her a good swift kick in the butt when she needs it most?

      Let’s get the media attention on Mika, after all as a woman of real substance she might have something intellegent to say!!!

      Who is next on your hit list Mika? Maybe a your opener every morning should be “The story I refuse to do!”

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    • Sunny Mosley

      Hi … any chance you can tell me how to find Mika’s email address … I know Morning Joe ( has one … but does Mika have one of her own??

      Appreciate your help. Thanks!

    • jaydaloss

      Well i will tell you one thing Mica is the sexiest most attractive
      looking news journalist

    • Joe

      It is not “Morning Mica”. You are so full of yourself you make me sick. Joe and Will are is a much higher class than you will ever be. One eye in the mirror Mica take a hike!!