Dina Lohan aiming to exploit family on tv

Dina Lohan is looking to exploit the fame of her children by having her own tv show, tentatively called "Mom-Ager". She is aiming to turn her two youngest – Ali and Cody – in to mega stars like Lindsay Lohan. And likely would step over them for any spotlight of her own, which is so sad.

Having apparently not yet seen the latest cover of People, Dina Lohan — who fancies herself "the white Oprah" and recently test-drove the TV waters with a gig on ET — is in talks to helm her own E! reality series, Mom-ager, in which she would attempt to secure for her youngest children, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, the fabulous fame that Lindsay is now enjoying/burning off at the Promises rehab center. Speaking for many of us, a source says to the New York Post’s Page Six, "Can you believe that? [Dina] totally messed up Lindsay…. And now she’s going to do the same to the other two? Those kids should be in school having normal lives, the life that Lindsay didn’t get to have."

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    • naty

      cm’ on Dina r u gonna screw it again…
      at least lindsay is in recovery now..
      luv ya lindsay u rock girl you’re awsome
      get better
      wish u tha best

    • dave

      while i give due credit to dina for getting her child into showbiz and guiding her career path in those oh-so-important early years,she needs to shut her yap and be a mom to these two younger children.not every aspiring child actor/singer/model will make it to the bigtime and these kids should have a normal childhood before thinking about a career in showbusiness.obviously,Lindsay showed that rare spark of talent and stage prescence at an early age,but i am not sure about her younger siblings.you cannot manufacture talent and make people spend their hard-earned dollars just because the person is a relative of a famous celebrity.i remember going to see Parent Trap with my sister and her kids,and that movie was memorable and uplifting because Lindsays performance made you BELIEVE those long-lost sisters existed,found each other,and got the family back together.it takes real talent to make it as a movie star,not some talentless jessica simpson wannabe.i hope her sister and brother do have talent,because if not,momager lohan is just setting them up for some hard disappointment and showbiz can be cruel,chewing up and spitting out the mediocre players.i don’t understand dinas “logic”;it took NINE years of hard work as a child model/actor for Lindsay to catch her big break,and dina wants to the same for the young’uns in the span of one or two tv seasons?! good grief,woman,WHAT ARE YOU THINKING,OR IS IT JUST THE MONEY YOU CAN MAKE OFF THE POTENTIAL DISAPPOINTMENT OF YOUR YOUNGEST?you need to scrap this ludicrous “reality” crap and let those precious children of yours have a shot at a normal childhood.you feelin’ me,mom? meryl streep should have you gagged and tell the producers of this bad idea,”that’s all”.peace

    • Lindsay’s Friend

      No WONDER Lindsay is concerned for Ali and Cody — I’m sure she can see it coming — it must be worrying her sick! — or even MORE sick — that she sees it coming and doesn’t know what she can do to stop it!

    • Lindsay’s Friend

      Dave — SO true! — I really do think Ali is cute as a button — and pretty too — I loved her “Rock Around the Christmas Tree” last year! I’m all for Ali and Cody ENJOYING whatever talents and abilities they may have — but NOT at the expense of supporting mommy Dina! It should be the other way around — where is Child Protective Services when you need them!

    • dave

      arieanna…i want to commend you on the use of the word EXPLOIT in the title of this post-that single word sums up this whole ridiculous ‘reality’ show and shows the level to which this crass stagemom from hell,will stoop in her delusional pursuit of fame and stardom.i have news for you,dina,it is NOT going to work!!! first of all,you have LIED from the get-go about your resume,no rockettes,no stage,no SAG membership,etc,BUSTED!!! secondly,you have NO discernible talent as a performer,showman,and definitely NOT as an interviewer,as you were a complete screwup in that interview with jane fonda at the georgia rule premiere;did you not realize you were conducting a RARE interview with an oscar-winning hollywood icon?! moron.thirdly,you are supposed to be a mature,parental,worldly-wise,solid as a rock MOTHER for your extremely talented,yet humanly flawed daughter to lean on and ask good advice from-NOT HER DRUNKBUDDY,ENABLING,CLUB-HOPPING,UNDISCIPLINED PARTY FRIEND!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!i sure hope the younger two children learn from their big sisters mistakes and stay away from the party scene.the older brother,michael jr,the one NEVER seen in pictures or media items,seems to have found the value of privacy and having his own life.bravo.god,i hope the e!channel comes to their senses and cancels this ludicrous pile of poo idea,and sends the prevaricating momager packing,and when the door whacks her in her talentless backside,maybe she will come to her senses;we can only hope.anyway,happy 21st b’day to miss Lindsay and best of health and happiness.peace

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit LG.com often

      i forgot to say one more thing in my previous comment on dinas somewhat dubious intentions.i am still thoroughly DISGUSTED with dina showing up at wonderland,back in febuary,with a friggin’ et camera crew and all the bells and whistles!!! you showing up like that,compromising her privacy and the anonymity of the other rehabbers,probably embarressed her to no end,may have damaged her credibility with the fellow rehabbers and staff,and possibly caused her relapse because,once again,her parental figures turned out to be self-serving pieces of poo.i am now referring to this whole dina snafu as ‘the case of the missing mom’,paging nancy drew.anyway,check out my new screen name,as i am a big fan of Georgia Rule.peace

    • Fannah

      Lindsay is really able to take good care of herself, but that’s only because she’s been through such a lot and shes a strong person.. but I still don’t think it’s such a great idea for the other kids, because, what if they aren’t so strong? I mean, Lindsay wasn’t always strong too, she just grew into it. Dina’s crazy. She really is. She cares more about make-up and clothes and money than the safety and happiness of her kids it seems!

    • Hubi

      i think she should care more about her first daughter in these times than making the other ones famous !!!

    • Lindsay’s Friend

      Hubi — that’s a nice thought, but …

      I think the most caring thing Dina could do right now is apologize to Lindsay for all the pain and damage she has caused, then OFFER to help — to just be there — when Lindsay needs her. The sad part is, I have difficulty in finding anything in Dina that Lindsay needs — the things that should be there — concern, comfort, compassion — just don’t seem to be there, and it’s a little late for the things which should have been there, and weren’t. Then there’s the “manager” / legal complications.

      I’m afraid that — at least for now — the best thing for Lindsay is, unfortunately, a “professional” relationship, because I just don’t see the trust and affection that Lindsay needs most coming from Dina. Even if it were to suddenly materialize, I’m afraid that where Lindsay is at the moment, it might be more damaging than helpful. For this mother-daughter relationship to ever grow close again, it will have to be re-built slowly over time. Meanwhile, Lindsay needs to move on — unfortunately, another “Hollywood orphan”.

      Let’s at least try to be the best fans for her that we can!

    • aimee

      dina is ridiculous. first off i think dina has her own problems with addiction and i think it is quite obvious that she was the enabler of lindsay’s addiction by ignoring and denying that it existed. she needs to focus on getting lindsay better right now while protecting her two younger children from going down the same dark path as lindsay. dina is trying to live her life through her children- she obviously has some unfulfilled dream of her own to be famous and so she is now living vicariously through her children. it seems that dina is just a very sad, pathetic woman, with alot of regrets, and her selfish nature makes her a poor excuse for a mother.

    • LindsyLovr

      Dina is a great mom everyone should just leave her alone! Her kids are wonderful, and very talented. And she deff didnt mess up lindsay shes always been their for her!

    • youdontknow

      LindsyLovr, are you SERIOUS? Shes nothing but a money hungry woman who never became anything herself so shes living vicariously through her kids. She lied about being a Rockette (pathetic), she shows up at her daughters rehab with a friggin CAMERA CREW?! Sick. She needs to learn how to be a MOTHER to her child, not her “pal”.