Lionel Richie Talks About Nicole

Nicole Richie’s dad, Lionel, opened up in a recent interview with Courier Mail about lionel richieNicole, her celebrity and how his life changed because of it!

Courier Mail writes:

“I don’t know how she does it,” Richie says of the media spotlight on his daughter. “I don’t know how any new kid in the business can survive. There’s a time when you’re actually famous but your money’s not here yet. When they splash your face on a magazine cover every week, on national TV every week, on the news, you need a staff of at least six security guards to travel with you 24 hours a day. But your money’s not here yet.

“It’s bad enough you need your clothes looking right, you need a limo – it’s tough to be famous. It took The Commodores at least four years for the money to catch up with the fame. When I went solo it took me three years to get in a house in Beverly Hills. Before that I was living in Alabama.

“It took me a while to catch up with my fame. By the time I wrote Hello I realised I hadn’t been back to Alabama in four years. That’s how fast it was going. Now it’s over the top. The press have long lenses, back then when you were off they left you alone. Now it’s 24 hours a day.”

Later on, Lionel gets philosophical:

“See, when I was growing up we didn’t have the press behind us to get the pictures of us being arrested,” he says.

“Look. She’s young. She’s in Hollywood, California. All I want her to do is survive. As a father there’s some things I don’t want to know that I’m going to know anyway. In this case, I told her, you make your mistakes but realise the whole world is watching. It’s a different world now.”

It’s a really long — but really interesting — article that is well worth a read. Check out the entire thing here!

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