Canadian Idol Best Female Audition – Jessica Sheppard

Jessica Sheppard, 21, of Bowmanville, ON wowed the judges when she auditioned for Canadian Idol. She doesn’t mess up, by the way. The judges just wanted her to get to a certain point in the song.

It’s bad quality but you can hear her just fine!

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    • nicole

      I thought jessica did fantastic, she is a star. I can not wait to see her this week, it would be a waste of talent if she does not make it to the top 22

    • jennise

      I cant believe jessica didnt make the top 22, there is no way, she was amazing. She gives me shivers everytime i watch her sing. This was a huge mistake that canadian idol has made, take the time to look at the top 22 that has been picked, very unfortunate, jessica should be up there.

    • Penny

      I have one thing to say to Jessica Sheppard if she sees this. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. NEVER GIVE UP. Hopefully you will be the one picked to be back on the show. If not, there is always next year.

    • Penny

      OK, i also feel the need to tell the judges to listen to their own comments given to Jessica once more from the beginning before they make their decision. Jessica totally deserves to be back on the show. I totally see where this would be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and never really knowing how to feel if you are good enough or not. Jessica you definetly have it. Determination will make the difference in your life. Never stop what you love to do.

    • Jeanne

      I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT JESSICA DID NOT MAKE IT!!!! I completely share your shock Jennise and Penny.

      What were the judges thinking?

    • Deb

      WOW; like alot of other folks I was shocked and surprised that the judges forgot their words about “tone” “talent” first time I got chills … you are by far the best …. then this.
      Sorry did I miss something?

    • Sheryl

      I am a musician and performer. Jessica should absolutely have made the Top 22. There must have been some politicking going on as she was one of the best 3 female vocalists without a doubt! It is a shame that “reality TV” doesn’t reflect “reality!”

    • Dan

      Jessica went to high school with my g/f and suprised us all because none of us knew that she could sing and boy can she ever!!!! i was stunned with some of their choices, i could think of at least 5 that should not have made top 11 girls…….. what a joke. she sounded better then the other sick girl did and she made it in??? the french girl i think kinda sucked but because she is different and was left out fo a group she got pitty and they moved her on…….. not even would i compare her and jessica not even on the same page nor in the same book. and how bout the girl forgetting her words and blowing it……….. yet they move her on while jessica performs basically with larengitis??? what a JOKE these judges are off their rocker and if she goes back next year which i hope she does she will not only be top 22 but she will be final 2. imagine how good she would have been once she got to the coaching part of the show?

    • Kat

      Jessica was an amazing contestant and I think she would be the best contender for Canadian Idol..
      Her tone is so amazing and I would love to hear her again, I hope she gets in the top 22 because I want to get the chance to vote for her, This is canadas choice isn’t it? im so blown away that she didnt make it, when I heard her audition, I thought she was going to win,,, not making it to the top 22 is an insult to her beautiful voice… Jessica, if you read this,,, just know that there are people out there who beleive in you and want you to continue your dreams, even if Canadian Idol doesn’t work out!

    • Penny

      I have followed this show since the first day it started and it appears that you must have some training in music in order to move ahead. Does Jessica have training in this area, i have no idea. That could have been the reason for their decision. She totally deserves to have stayed in longer than she did. I am sure that all the ones left there at this point do not all have pro training. Besides some that have been professionally trained still cannot sing. Some that are teachers cannot sing let alone teach singing. You have to be a pro yourself in order to teach someone to be a professional. I am no music professional but my ears work fine and my son, a RCM lvl classical pianist/honor student has been professionally trained for 10years, so i do have some idea of what i am talking about, i have been listening to him since day one. I say bring Jessica back and give her another chance. Maybe is she too good for this show????? Do i personally know Jessica, not. I have never seen her before this show just for the judges info. i say give her another chance.

    • Adam

      Wow… I missed teh first few episodes of this show so watched the recaps on the website. When I heard her I thought Canada could actually have a real idol again (actually Eva Avila has just as much of an amazing voice, hopefully she’ll make it).

      I mean this girl had the personality, the look and DEFINITELY the voice. Many times I heard a little bit of Kelly Clarkson in her voice. And this is coming from a HUGE Kelly fan. How they eliminated her is beyond me… perhaps they want to bring her back on the wildcard just for dramatic effect… let’s hope so…

      Even that Christine girl knew Jessica was better. She was crying her eyes out when she knew there was only one slot left and she was standing beside Jessica, lol. That girl messed up her words, and the ones she said had NO emotion since it was a struggle for memory. She’s not even good. ARRGH!

    • Jennise

      All i have to say is that they better bring her back…if in case a wildcard is drawn…IT BETTER BE JESSICA!!!! If for some CRAZY reason its not…then there is for sure something going on we all dont know. I have known Jess since grad school and she is a down to earth small town girl, very sweet kind and of course a voice like an angel!! She really does deserve this! She has my vote 100%…we just need her back on the show…and P.S > Genericgeneric excuse!? So lame!~!

    • rox

      You did very well.I think the choice however of songs you chose,is what you like,not what your voice can handle or the Judges.Maybe you should try Country.You sang one song.Sounds to me you are a Country girl. Keep up the good work.Where did you learn to sing in the first place?NO mention onthe air if its your Mother sings or your Father.Im sure its in the jeans. Good luck.

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