Julien Doré Wins Nouvelle Star/Remporte Nouvelle Star 2007!!!


I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!!!! Julien Doré has won France’s version of American Idol. Tonight, Nouvelle Star, announced the winner. Again, a male contestant has won but he is definitely “unique.” This season, he took so many “classic” songs and made them strange and entertaining. Around the world, people took notice and international media has been following his progress.

C’est encore un garçon qui remporte Nouvelle Star. Et, sans aucune surprise, c’est Julien Doré, l’homme aux influences diverses et variées, qui remporte l’édition 2007. Interprète hors normes de “classiques” de la chanson, il s’était mis les médias dans la poche dès les sélections… y compris outre-Atlantique! Julien décroche donc le droit d’enregistrer l’album de ses rêves. C’est en tout cas tout le mal qu’on lui souhaite.


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    • Monica

      What a great performer! I was especially touched by the last song “Le Mal Aimé” by Claude François; (granted it wasn’t Julien’s most spectacular performance) I really think it’s how he must feel seeing that he is either loved or hated.

      I’m still trying to decide how much I like his interpretation of Nirvana, it was different to say the least, but that’s what’s so great about Julien, he is unique.

      I can’t wait for his album to come out!

    • http://www.idolstalker.com Jeanne

      Monica – I agree!!! I am so thrilled that Julien won and I am so anxious to see what kind of album he makes. Are you in France?

    • Monica

      I’m in the French part of Switzerland (about 30 minutes from the French border).

      The papers here are saying that Julien has bad publicity in the USA, is that true? I think it’s a shame because maybe they only listen to his voice when he sings in English, which his accent sometimes sounds, different, even weird at times…

      What I like about Julien is he has a great voice, his style and he is such a showman and (at least in Europe) he’s very original. I am not a big fan of French music, it’s always so “poppy” or as they say “variété” and lacks originality.

    • http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2wwwx_julien-dore-moi-lolita-chez-fogiel_music nouvelle version lolita
    • alexane besse

      hey cuttie!
      tu est le meilleure de toute la planet !!
      tu chante trop bien !!!!!!
      i love u !!!

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