Canadian Idol Best Male Performance – Sam Romijn

Here’s an admittedly poor quality video of Sam Romijn’s audition for this season of Canadian Idol. Why is he so great??? Because he is sooooo Canadian! I think he’s immensely talented and unique. Just great!

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    • Gerri G

      Jeanne, your are right he is great, but what was that little thing he had dancing??Oh my god freaky.

    • Aaron

      That my friend is one of my closest friends hes actually 14 and hes a bit taller than he looks

    • Reneeza

      I think Sam and his bro did a wonderful audition and as the judge said he is talented and Yes he is a good person..We are with you Sam all the way.!

      We Love You!

    • Jeanne

      Aaron – are you saying that Sam’s not the age he is? If that’s true, that makes him even more incredible.

      Sam and his brother did do a great job! I hope he stays around a while!

      Gerri, you are terrible , lol.

    • Aaron

      No sam is 16 but his brother is 14 and he can sing too.